The Content Of The Article: The Bongossi comes from West and Central Africa and is a very heavy, hard and tough wood, which is one of the hardest timbers in the world. In addition, it is classified in the durability level 1, which means a very long life.
The sapwood is pink and stands out from the noble dark purple to chocolate brown heartwood. Bongossi dries extremely hard and breaks in a lot. In addition, the wood works strong and has a high flexural strength and load capacity as well as pressure and impact resistance.
It is unsuitable for steam bending and also has an unpleasant odor. An enormous advantage of Bongossis is its high resistance to fungi and wood pests. Bongossi is suitable for structurally highly loaded structures such as hydraulic structures and shaft supports.
It is used e.g. for the carriageways in the rubber-tired Paris Metro as well as parquet floors and steps, in bridge construction, at locks as well as in wagon and shipbuilding. Furthermore, Bongossi is ideal for the production of cone balls and tool handles. Especially like
Bongossi used in agricultural construction for floors, walls and boxes in cattle sheds as well as for mine covers, gates and fences.
Bongossi is very difficult to machine by hand, so machining with carbide tipped tools is recommended. However, the material is very difficult to saw and the tool used blunts quickly. For this reason, the wood must be pre-drilled.
Cement screed or mastic asphalt should be used as subfloor.
The installation is made by a full-surface bonding.
The price for 1m² Bongossi parquet is 30 €. Bongossi requires little care due to its strength. For protection glazes or waxes can be used. Outdoors, the untreated areas become light gray. The natural color of the wood can then be achieved only by a strong grinding.
Only Bongossi should be purchased with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal. This ensures that the criteria of forest management have been adhered to, deforestation has been carried out in a controlled manner and that human rights have not been violated.

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