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Elderberries have a very high ecological value as bees and birds. In addition, there are several species of butterflies whose caterpillars live exclusively on the leaves of the elder. The shrubs are therefore part of the "compulsory inventory" for natural gardens. They are quite competitive and tolerated by shadows, so they can be easily integrated into free-growing sight and bird protection hedges. In old peasant and pharmacist gardens, the plants are often seen as solitary shrubs - and it is surprising how picturesque the crowns develop when you give the shrubs a box seat. Particularly impressive are dark-leaved varieties with pink flowers such as 'Black Lace'.

As a so-called pioneer grove for wind protection plantings, hedgerows or other afforestation measures in the open countryside, elderberry is also very popular because it is extremely undemanding and grows on almost any soil. In addition, special fruit varieties of the black elder like 'Haschberg' or 'Sampo' are grown in orchards for juice extraction.

To cut

Elderberry is extremely cut tolerant and tolerates strong rejuvenation cuts far into the old wood. If you keep the elder as an ornamental plant, but no regular pruning is necessary. In the orchards, the trees are grown as short-stemmed trees and cut their harvested fruit shoots every year after harvesting to short pegs. Of the new long shoots, only the strongest ten to twelve are left as fruit shoots for the coming year.

Elderberry sambucus

The black elder (Sambucus nigra) forms a picturesque crown in individual position


The propagation of elderberry is simple: you put in the fall after the leaf fall an unrooted drive piece (stick wood) in the ground. It forms roots on sufficiently moist, humus-rich soils until the next season and then re-expands.

Diseases and pests

As a native wood, elderberries, especially those from the insect world, have a number of enemies. But they are extremely regenerative and are not damaged by anyone so much that you would have to worry.

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