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The Giant Alant is a beautiful specimen plant for sunny beets to slightly shady places on the wood or pond edge. He wants moist but permeable and nutrient-rich soil. As a partner to offer miscanthus and spice fennel. The same applies to the Real Alant. The much smaller dwarf Alant is a beautiful Sommerbl├╝her among others for rock garden beds. The inflorescences are very popular with bees and many other insects and are also good as cut flowers.


The Alant needs little care at the right location and can stay in the same place for many years. In autumn you should cut back the shoots and provide the planting with some mature compost.


The alant can be increased in late summer by dividing the rootstock. He also sows himself in a suitable location often himself.

Diseases and pests

The plant is hardly affected by pests. Also snail eating is not to be feared. Sometimes it can come to infestations with powdery mildew.

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