Elfenblumen: pruning in the spring

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The early spring - before the plants expire again - is the best time to perform a caring cut on elm flowers (Epimedium). So not only the pretty flowers show better, the development of the whole plant is promoted. You can not do harm to the elfin flowers, which look filigree at first glance, because they are harder than you might suspect at first glance.

Especially in shady areas, where little flourishes, bring in elves flowers with their deciduous green. The plants are undemanding and unfurl their foliage jewelry without complaint between the proliferating root system of trees and shrubs. The foliage of many varieties is attractive reddish for weeks after budding, until it turns green and the leaf veins decoratively stages. In spring, they decorate the woody shade with their numerous flowers. The dense foliage acts as a living mulch that protects the shrubs' roots and keeps the soil from drying out. Elf flowers inspire the whole year, many species and varieties are even wintergreen.

Yellow flower of the variety Frohnleiten

'Frohnleiten' blooms from April to May and is considered one of the best ground cover against weeds

Pruning of the elven flower

Important is a pruning of the old foliage before the re-emergence in the spring. Unattractive leaves are removed, so that the new shoots have space and the flowers come into their own. Also rot under the old leaves can form. Some varieties grow quite impetuously, so even for reasons of space a pruning can be useful. This is done quickly with the hedge trimmer. Large stocks in parks are even cut with the lawn mower. This works because the elf flower is robust and safely expels again. Protect the plants after plastering with a layer of garden compost before late frosts. In addition, an organic fertilizer supports the re-emergence.

Pruning with the hedge trimmer

Dispose of leaves

With a hedge trimmer, the pruning of the elfin flower in late winter is quick and easy (left). Important is the removal and disposal of the old leaves after the cut, as they may be infested with pathogens (right)

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