Emmenopteris: Rare tree from China is blooming again!

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A thriving Emmenopterys is not only a special event for botanists, because it has real rarity: the tree is only admired in a few botanical gardens in Europe and has only flourished for the fifth time since its introduction - this time in the Arboretum Kalmthout in Flanders (Belgium) and According to the experts, lush than ever before.

Emmenopteris: Rare tree from China is blooming again!: tree

Blossom of Emmenopteris henryi

The well-known English plant collector Ernest Wilson discovered the species at the end of the 19th century and described Emmenopterys henryi as "one of the most strikingly beautiful trees of Chinese forests". The first specimen was planted in 1907 in the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Gardens in England, but the first flowers were almost 70 years in coming. Other blooming Emmenopterys were then still in Villa Taranto (Italy), Wakehurst Place (England) and just to admire in Kalmthout. Why the plant flowers so seldom, is still a botanical puzzle.

Emmenopteris: Rare tree from China is blooming again!: China

View into the treetop: Emmenopteris henryi becomes more than 40 meters high at the natural site

Emmenopterys henryi does not have a German name and is a species of the family of the red family (Rubiaceae), which also includes the coffee plant. Home to most of the species in this family are the tropics, but Emmenopterys henryi grows in the temperate climes of southwestern China and northern Burma and Thailand. Therefore, it also thrives in the Atlantic climate of Flanders problem-free outdoors.

Close to it

Emmenopteris: Rare tree from China is blooming again!: China

From one of the viewing platforms you can admire the flowers at close range

Since the flowers on the tree appear almost exclusively on the uppermost branches and hang high above the ground, a scaffolding with two observation platforms was set up in Kalmthout. In this way it is possible to admire the flowers at close range.

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