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Particularly robust are the varieties with smooth leaf margins. For older types of leaves, such as the well-known 'Escariol', the dry leaves are tied with a rubber band ten days before harvest to bleach the inner leaves. Snails do not spurn the endives, but are rarely a danger in the summer months

to water

Sowing in the middle of summer requires careful watering, especially in the initial phase


In addition to the Frisée types with the typical, curly leaves, there are still those with largely smooth leaf margins (Escariol type); in taste, both are similar


The earliest endive salad is ready for harvest in August. But he does not spend his assets until later harvests. Endives tolerate a few degrees below zero and can easily be harvested until November


Sowing is easy between mid-June and mid-July. The cheapest is the first half of July, because then there is no more bullet danger. The cultivation can first be done on an extra bed. However, one should not implement the young plants too late, because the taproots do not tolerate transplanting. The early cultivation is only recommended in a warm greenhouse, because cool temperatures in the cultivation let the plants shoot too fast


A good humus supply with compost soil and additional mulching is sufficient for good soil. The endive tends to excess nitrogen supply to nitrate enrichment

Distance in row

30 cm

row spacing

30 cm

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