Use Epsom salt as fertilizer - 3 application tips

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If you suffer from magnesium deficiency, it is best to use Epsom salt as a fertilizer. Here are 3 application tips.

Epsom salt can compensate for magnesium deficiency

When the plants return to their hibernation in the spring, you should support their growth in an effective way. In many varieties, the use of Epsom salt, which can optimally compensate for magnesium deficiency and / or sulfur deficiency, is particularly suitable.

Since Epsom salt is generally used in agriculture, you can buy it commercially as either solid fertilizer (grain form) or as liquid fertilizer and deploy in the garden. However, when using Epsom salt you should always make sure that you avoid overdosing - because more is not always equally effective!

How to make an Epsom salt fertilizer, we have listed here once for you.

Use Epsom salt as fertilizer

┬╗Tip 1 - Fertilize conifers:

Coniferous plants enjoy an annual, well-dosed fertilizer application (about 20 g / m┬▓) visibly. Especially when the individual needles already turn yellowish, which in turn represents a sure defect. Brown needles, however, indicate a lack of potassium. This should not be compensated with Epsom salt, but with special pine fertilizer.

You simply sprinkle the Epsom salt loosely around the conifers and then water them well. But beware: You must not wash the Epsom salt completely.

┬╗Tip 2 - Foliar fertilization:

For effective foliar application, you should use a 2% Epsom salt solution to spray the leaves on the bottom. The Epsom salt can be dissolved without residue in the water.

However, you should never apply foliar fertilizer with Epsom salt in direct sunlight, or even if it is expected to rain immediately afterwards. The best conditions for fertilization are cloudy april days.

┬╗Tip 3 - Grass fertilization:

Almost as a spring cure you should sprinkle grainy Epsom salt in a small amount on the lawn after the first lawn cut. After sprinkling the Epsom salt, you will need to water the lawn, or fertilize it best on a day when rain is expected.

By the way: In many commercial lawn fertilizer mixtures Epsom salt is already included.

Video Board: See What Happens When You Add Epsom Salt to Your Plants.

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