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Earth damper - simply sterilize soil: damper

Everyone wants to live with less chemistry in the garden, since the beginning of this year, the Plant Protection Act also stipulates that chemistry must be the last resort.
Not only that, fierce discussions about the garden fence are commonplace these days, when a hobby gardener reaches for the spray can and is observed. However, the "good practice" that is required today, basically gardening with the knowledge and care of our grandfathers, will devour a lot of time if you do not skilfully handle the whole topic. The earth damper is one of the inventions that can greatly simplify the effort of gardening without any chemicals:

Damping the earth is not a new invention

Even our grandfathers were able to read in old garden books how earth is treated by steaming, in order to B. kill pests. Many ecologically oriented agricultural and horticultural large companies have long renounced the use of chemicals, where it is possible. Here, the floors in the greenhouses, the floors in the bed and the compost are cleaned by steam and sterilized to achieve higher yields, without polluting the environment.

An effective weapon against the most diverse pests

The insects that invade our plants are all made up of structures that can not cope with higher temperatures: the most stubborn viruses die when exposed to a temperature of 70 to 90° C for half an hour, and so steaming is just right Pathogens are a good remedy that is most difficult for the gardener to classify. Because today there is hardly any plant species that is not endangered by infestation with viruses (viral diseases). In Europe, about 350 plant viruses have been discovered to date, causing up to 1,000 viral diseases.
The heating of the earth is also a good weapon against fungi, the most persistent fungi die at temperatures around 70° C, but then after a very short time. So the cause of well-known in greenhouses seed blotch disease. Other fungi are already killed at 65 degrees, they are then beaten after only 10 minutes. Such as the triggers of various diseases with the nickname wilt or scab (eg boxwood wilt, celery scab) and the fungi that are responsible for the root rot of various plants. However, there are exceptions, such as the cause of the root rot disease, he needs one hour steaming at least 60° C.
It is even easier to put an end to small creatures: while parasites such as the herbicide and chitinous insects, such as the seedling beetle, are still quite resistant (steaming down to 55° C for 30 min), protein structures in the galls cause nematodes and the gallbladder only 10 minutes at 52° C.

Simply sterilize contaminated soil

Even in the home and allotment area, the microwave has been and is already used for a long time to disinfect small amounts of seedling soil. Also known is the thermal pest control with the help of black films that heat the top layer of soil at full sun quickly to 50 to 60° C.
What is new, however, is the fact that special earth dampers are now available on the market that can sterilize large quantities of contaminated soil with little effort. Electrical energy is needed to operate them, but fuel consumption and costs are limited. B. in less than two hours and at about 1, - € energy costs 70 to 80 liters of soil, which is largely free of weeds and pests. These shock absorbers use newly designed damping methods that produce temperatures between 60 and 80° C.

The offered devices

There are electric earth absorbers that are offered as a large Einmachtopf appearance and with a capacity of 30 liters for around 300, - €. These are plug-in devices with a power consumption of 2.4 kilowatts and are equipped with a temperature limiter and a plug-in thermometer. With this device, crops or pests without chemicals can be freed from weed seeds, fungi, nematodes, germs and other soil pests.
If you need a bit more earth, you can purchase a 60 l steaming earth box with a power output of 2 kilowatts and a timer. It has a weight of 15.5 kg, a size of 80 x 45 x 42 cm (width x depth x height) and is sold for about 520, - €.
The next larger device has wheelbarrow form and is offered from 555, - € to 740, - €. The steam chamber has a capacity of 70 liters, this device also has a power of 2 kilowatts and a timer, it weighs 25 kg.

Source of supply for earth damper

  • The smallest damper can be obtained from the company Georg Schwarz Cactus and Plant Accessories from 90455 Nuremberg, information below
  • Various Erdedämpfgeräte for the small and commercial gardener sells the Friedrich GmbH from 08315 Bernsbach, information, Here you will find a portable muffler, which is 80 cm long x 45 cm deep x 42 cm high, a steam hood of 1.10 meters wide, 54 cm deep and 32 cm high, a push car damper with 80 liter steam chamber and a car damper with 100 liters capacity. Unfortunately, no prices are available on the website, but a Dämpfschubkarre with 70 liters content of the Friedrich GmbH is at the WebSachse GmbH electrotechnical retail and wholesale from 08315 Bernsbach,, offered for 555, - €.
If you need exceptionally sterilized soil for a bucket, you can also contact a larger nursery, which will be happy to dampen the soil needed for a small cost contribution.
The use of an earth damper is an effective method of chemical-free pest control, which corresponds exactly to the ideas that modern plant protection takes. Naturally, many other measures are part of good professional practice in the sense of integrated pest management. This begins with the reduction of harmful potentials through prevention and continues z. As the regular cut all garden timbers, which also eliminates infected parts of plants and effectively suppresses many animal pests. All in all, integrated pest management encompasses a whole set of measures, all of which make sense of each other.

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