Erlus roof tiles

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Erlus roof tiles

The roof is universally considered a symbol of a cozy home and should also provide protection against wind and weather. Precisely for this reason, it is important to carefully select the optimal roof covering in front of a building.
Erlus roof tiles have been around for more than 100 years and can look back on an equally long experience. Depending on what kind of surface is to be covered, the future roof tiles should be selected accordingly.

large areas
For larger areas, for example, other roof tiles are recommended than small. For large areas Erlus offers the following suitable models:
The Ergoldsbacher roof tile E 58 plus or E 58 MAX or the Ergoldsbacher Forma with elegance and style - in wavy lines for a harmonious result - convincing by economy. Here approx. 10 pieces per m² are needed.
Roof tiles for renovations
For all renovations recommend the models Ergoldsbacher E58S; E58SL, E58 Plus or even the large folding tile or reform pan SL. This is because the greatest possible flexibility of the material is required, especially with regard to the shifting and laying of the roof tiles.
Historic buildings
In historical buildings, the plain tile is always available. He is simply one of the classics due to his countless design possibilities. Also the monk 's pan or the monk and nun' s pan are popular roof tiles for this purpose.
Erlus roof tiles for
Mediterranean look

Houses in the Mediterranean style also need
a special roofing: through the southern color and shape of the roofs awaken associations with southern climes. For example, the Ergoldsbacher Monaco: It gives the roof a beautiful play of light and shadow through its special design. But also the Mönchspfanne or the large folding bricks are suitable for a southern flair on the roof.
In addition, there is a considerable range of roof tiles for timeless design: the Karat roof tile or the Linea, which creates a contemporary aesthetic through its straightforwardness - just right for modern buildings.
Many of the products on offer are also universalists - they can be used universally and adjust in case of doubt to the optical conditions.
Erluslotus - self-cleaning
Some models are dirt-repellent due to the baked-in surface finish Erluslotus and thus remain clean and beautiful for a very long time. Moss and algae growth is reduced and the dirt flows with the rainwater.
Dominik-Bruner Foundation
By the way, Erlus is a partner of the Dominik-Brunner Foundation and has been supporting it for some time.
Anyone who chooses Erlus roof tile receives a quality product and can benefit from service, experience and great know-how. On the website of the manufacturer, there are many more information and brochures to download. A roof tile configurator and a wind suction protection calculation are also available online.

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