Cutting trellis fruits properly brings many fruits

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Trellises must be cut relatively often

In a small garden or even on the balcony, espalier fruit is a good alternative. But also Spalierobst you have to cut properlyso that it can save space and also bear fruit.

However, before you can cut the trellis fruit at all, you have to create a climbing aid and tie the branches accordingly. Wires or other holding devices are ideally suited for this purpose.

The branches must always be tied to this form scaffold, which is also called trellis. The fine branches could otherwise break off under the weight of the fruit. Here you also have the opportunity to cut the tree properly, so that quite classic shapes can arise.

Cutting trellises in certain shapes
If, for example, you want to have a columnar shape, then you must not shorten the mainspring, but only the side branches must be cut regularly. Trellis fruit must be cut relatively frequently, so that it also retains the desired shape. The shoots must not be cut too far, otherwise no fruit can bear.

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