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As potted plants eucalyptus species are suitable for very warm, full sun terraces and roof gardens. You can also hold them in cold and temperate conservatories.


Eucalyptus species are not replanted until the old pot is thoroughly rooted in order not to provoke an unnecessary growth spurt. The best period is the spring after hibernation.

To cut

In order to keep the naturally tree-like growing plants in the bucket compact, one has to trim long shoots regularly. If the shoots have dropped their leaves due to lack of water, only a strong rejuvenation cut will help.

Hibernation and winter protection

Eucalyptus should be kept cool and bright whenever possible. In dark winter quarters, the evergreen trees often lose their leaves. Free-range plants are especially prone to frost cracks in the winter sun - with a reed mat or burlap wrapped around the trunk, you can prevent this.

further care tips

Eucalyptus are extremely thirsty and need plenty of water during the growing season. If possible, only rain with rainwater, because almost all varieties are sensitive to high lime content.


Eucalyptus species are all propagated by sowing.

Diseases and pests

The plants are hardly susceptible to disease, but occasionally suffer from aphid infestation.

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