Plant evergreen hedges in late summer

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Plant evergreen hedge in late summer

Anyone planning to plant an evergreen hedge in the garden should do so in late summer. This can be started at the end of August. It should be completed by mid-September. An evergreen hedge, such as thuja or laurel, has the advantage that it does not lose the leaf dress and thus looks beautiful even in winter.

That's how it works:

  1. Determine where the hedge should come from. This is best marked with a string, so that the hedge is also planted straight. The plants themselves should be the same distance, otherwise there may be gaps.
  2. Dig out holes, plant plants, pay attention to the same height and fill the hole with soil again. The earth should only be cautiously grounded.
  3. The hedge should cut you back immediately. You can do that quietly. In any case, you should cut off long, unbranched shoots.
  4. Cast on vigorously and do not neglect this in the following weeks, because especially young plants need a lot of water.

A fast-growing hedge can reach the desired height in just a few years.

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