Evergreen leaf decoration: How to plant a glossy medlar

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The glossy medlar (Photinia) is a popular ornamental shrub for evergreen hedges. But he also makes a good figure in individual position and brings with its evergreen foliage fresh green in the garden. Particularly beautiful are varieties with multicolored foliage such as 'Pink Marble' or bright red budding like the variety 'Red Robin'.

The up to five meters high and broad wild form of the gloss medlar is native to East Asia and grows there in mountain forests up to about 1000 meters in height. Normally ornamental garden forms are usually no higher than three meters. The location should be slightly absonnig and protected in cold regions, since glossy medlar is somewhat sensitive to frost. In frost-free and winter sun, the young leaves and shoots can be damaged, but the shrubs are quite tough in the take: they drift back well after a pruning in spring and form particularly long young shoots with beautifully colored foliage. Even more shady locations tolerate the medlar, but in the garden varieties, the foliage here is not so beautiful.

The soil should be moderately dry to fresh and never too humid. Loose, permeable soil with high humus content is optimal. On heavy, damp soils the shoots do not grow well until autumn. If you want to plant a glossy medlar, the spring and the late summer are favorable periods. It is important that the shrubs have enough time to root before the end of the season. Based on the following pictures, we will explain how to plant a glossy medlar properly.

Dip the pot in water

Before planting, you should immerse the pot in water in a bucket or tub until there are no more bubbles

Dig hole with spade

Populate root balls

The planting hole is dug with the spade in approximately double bale size (left). Drain the root ball and loosen up any roots that have settled around the earth like a ring. In the places where the roots tear off, new, small hair roots are formed. These supply the medlar loam well with water and nutrients (right). Place the bale so deep in the ground that the top is flush with the surface of the earth, and gently step on the ground after filling it with your feet. You can mix the excavation with some humus-rich potting soil first - this promotes rooting

Pour without spout vigorously

planted medlar shrub

Pour the glossy medlar vigorously after planting (left). The water ensures a good connection between pot bales and garden soil. So that it does not run in all directions, you can first form a pouring rim with your hands. The shrub is already freshly planted a piece of jewelry (right). Tip: In order for him to survive the first winter well, you should cover the crown with a winter fleece until the first stronger frost

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