Pour evergreen plants in winter - That's how it's done

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When winter arrives, the watering can usually stays in the garden shed. But beware: Evergreen plants must be watered every now and then in winter.

Evergreen plants need water even in winter

When winter is here, many people think that the plants in the garden do not have to be watered anymore. This may apply to a large part of the plants, but not to evergreens. This applies both to the evergreen plants in the bed and to the evergreen plants in the tub and the evergreen hedge.

If gardeners notice after winter that some of their evergreen plants have not survived the cold season, they usually think they are frozen. But more often, there is another reason behind it: the plants have dried up. Woody plants such as thuja, yew, boxwood and cherry laurel evaporate water in the winter through their needle or leaves, especially when they are standing in the sun. But they do not get any water from the frozen ground and they dry up.

Most evergreen plants have already developed a protective mechanism so as not to wither in the winter when exposed to too much sunlight. This one looks like they are curling up their leaves so that the sun has as little of a surface as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes this protection mechanism is simply not enough. That's why it's important to water your evergreens in winter.

So evergreen plants are poured in the winter

Pour evergreen plants in the bed:

If the soil is a little thawed, you should provide your evergreen plants in the bed with some water. But only if it should not freeze in the next few days. Otherwise, the casting brings nothing, because the irrigation water would freeze anyway. Keep a close eye on the weather in winter.

➤ Pour evergreen plants in the bucket:

It is best to group evergreen potted plants somewhere in your garden. So you can not forget a plant while watering. Most, however, put their potted plants down so that they get as much sun as possible. As you have read, they can dry up. Therefore, you should place your potted plants in a shady spot in winter.

On frost-free days it is called "water march!". But do not give the plants too much water, because they can not absorb the water completely, it could accumulate in the bucket. Should it then freeze unexpectedly at night, this waterlogging could destroy both the plant and the tub.

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