Peeling soap with poppy make yourself

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After gardening you are not only satisfied - but also very dirty. Our tip for clean hands: a homemade peeling soap with poppy seeds. The ingredients you will find (almost) all in your garden. Simple to manufacture, customizable and definitely made from pure natural ingredients!

You need it for the self-made exfoliating soap

  • knife
  • pot
  • spoon
  • soap block
  • soap Color
  • Scent (for example, lime)
  • Skin care essence (for example aloe vera)
  • Poppy
  • Casting mold (depth about three centimeters)
  • label
  • needle

Step by step: make peeling soap with poppy seeds yourself

First, pick up the soap block and cut it into small pieces. Put these in a pot and let the soap melt in a water bath. Make sure that no water splashes into the pot!

Soap block in a water bath melt

Mix in the color, fragrance, skin care and peeling poppy

Melt the small cut soap block in a water bath (left). Then mix in the color, fragrance, skin care and peeling poppy (right)

While stirring the melted soap, add dropwise any soap color (for example, may green). Continue stirring until the color is evenly distributed and the color matches your expectations. After that you can add the desired scent (how about fresh lime?). The more of them, the more intense the result will be later. For the gardener's hands we recommend the addition of skincare. Aloe vera is very suitable for this. Finally, a little of the poppy fold for the later peeling effect. The fine poppy seeds are ideal for removing fine skin cells and stimulating the circulation of the skin, without irritating.

Place label in the mold

Fix the label with a spoonful of soap mass

Place label in the mold (left) and fix with a spoonful of soap mass (right)

To give your scrub soap a very special touch, place a label in the provided mold (here a rectangle with a depth of three centimeters). With the label, you can let your imagination run free: Anything that leaves a pretty motif, a very special imprint, is possible. Make sure that the mold is secure and straight, as the soap will cure later.
Now take a spoonful of hot soap and spoon it over the label. So it is fixed and can not slip in the next step.

Fill the mold with poppy seeds and soap

Press finished soap out of the mold

Add most of the soap to the mold, add an extra layer of poppy seeds and fill with the rest of the soap (left). After curing, press the finished soap out of the mold (right)

Then you can pour most of the soap mass into the mold. Retain a small remnant that you empty into the mold as soon as you add a layer of poppy seeds.
It takes about three hours to cool and harden the soap. The easiest way is to leave the molds standing so that the liquid does not spread or run out unevenly afterwards. Then you can simply push the soap out of the mold and carefully remove the label with a needle. Et voila! Your homemade peeling soap with poppy seeds is ready.
One more tip: If you want to give away your soap, you can, for example, decorate it with a sash of wrapping or wrapping paper. Also nice is a self-crocheted soap pad made of string.

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