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Slowly Christmas spirit is spreading and the cozy, contemplative time begins. Especially fir or spruce branches and pine cones for wreaths and arrangements are in great demand. The members of our Facebook community are also already in the deco fever. As part of a small survey, we wanted to find out with which plants our users spread Christmassy mood. Here is the result.

These plants provide a Christmas mood

  • Of course, Christmas decorations with fir and other conifer branches are also extremely popular in our Facebook community. In Eugenia M. and Birgit P. they dominate the Advent decoration
  • Ute R. likes the story of mistletoe as a magical panacea. She has prepared mistletoe leaves on a chair decorative
  • In the Christmas decoration by Sanni H. you will find a combination of fir, spruce, moss and holly
  • Chez C. has hung a Christmas wreath with hydrangeas and colored cones on her doorstep
  • Candles, decorative apples and thuja branches, nicely wrapped and wrapped in a bow, this year are the Advent decoration by Marijana K.

Christmas decoration with pomegranates

This Christmas decoration with pomegranates adheres to the traditional red-green color scheme

  • The Christmas decoration by Aurikelina J. is characterized by beautiful blue candles with discreetly arranged larch cones
  • The Advent decoration by Prasoeur K. forms a red candle framed by pine branches and pine cones. The decoration is complemented with elements such as Christmas balls and small figures
  • Sigrid H. has tied her Advent wreath herself. Thuja branches with red candles form the foundation. The whole thing is placed on a wooden stand, which was decorated with ribbons and ribbons so that a Christmas tree look is created
  • Kerstin K. has a simple decoration of fir branches, cones and cinnamon sticks. She has set small highlights by the discreet use of Christmas tree balls and other decorative elements
  • Diana S. has packed balls in moss and placed candles on her Advent deco

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