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Every week our social media team reaches a few hundred questions about our favorite hobby: the garden. Most of them are quite easy to answer for the editorial team of MEIN, but some also require some research effort to be able to provide the right answer. At the beginning of each new week we put together for you our ten Facebook questions of the past week. The themes are mixed - from the lawn over the vegetable patch to the balcony box.

Facebook: The top questions of the calendar week 44

1. Do angel trumpets need a bright or dark winter quarters and should they be cut back before winter? Or can I put them in the bathroom, because they have such beautiful trumpets right now.

Engelstrompeten is best overwintered bright, for example, in the conservatory, at 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, they can continue to bloom for quite a while - which, however, is not everyone's cup of tea because of the intense flowering of the flowers. A dark hibernation is also possible, but the temperature should then be as constant as possible at five degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, the angel trumpets lose all leaves, but go well in spring again.

2. How best to conserve pot roses? So far, I have sprinkled the soil over the finishing station and would then wrap the pots with bubble wrap and jute or a coir mat. Does it make sense to put Styrofoam plates under the pots?

The agglomeration of the shoot base is very important, so that the finishing of the rose does not freeze: 20 to 25 inches high with garden soil or compost is ideal. Bubble wrap as a cover of the pots and the additional wrapping with fleece are definitely beneficial. You can wrap the crown area with fleece or jute or put some fir-spruce between the branches. It is also advisable to place polystyrene plates under the pots, so that the roots do not suffer frost damage from below. With these measures your roses should come in the tub well through the winter. In frost-free phases, you should water the roses so that the soil does not dry out completely. It is also helpful to put the pots on the protected house wall.

Container roses overwinter

For the hibernation of tub roses you should cover the pot with bubble wrap and burlap or fleece

3. My room cyclamen always come in, although I pour them regularly. What can be the cause?

With Zimmer-Cyclamen it is important to pour them only over the coaster or the planter and not from above on the ground. Excess water must be removed. The root ball should always be slightly moist during the flowering phase, but never too wet for a long time. Cyclamen do not tolerate waterlogging.

4. Can I overwinter my Canna indica with pot in the cellar or do I have to get the plants out of the pot?

You can also leave the rhizomes of the Indian flower tube in the tub and overwinter with the planter in the dark, cool cellar. Before hibernation, the plant is cut back about a hand's breadth above the ground. In spring, you can then replace the loose old earth with new ones. The rhizomes are getting bigger every year. Sooner or later you should take them out of the pot and share them - otherwise the Canna will soon be too tight.

Indian flower tube (Canna indica)

Indian flowerpipe (Canna indica) can be wintered in a bucket

5. Can someone tell me how to best get my aquatic plants (canna, marsh horsetail, duckweed) in miniature pond through the winter?

The Canna is probably the Water Canna (Canna glauca) or a Longwood hybrid, which is also considered an aquatic plant. You should take them out of the mini-pond during the winter, cut the leaves down deeply and store the tubers cool in the cellar in a bucket with a little water. For marsh horsetail (Equisetum palustre) and duckweed you should drain the water in miniature pond about a quarter and overwinter it with the other plants in the frost-free, not completely dark cellar until spring.

6. I have grown from hydrangea cuttings new plants that have also grown successfully. Where do I put the pots over the winter?

It is now too late to plant. You can winter the hydrangeas like classic potted plants frost-free in a garage, a garden shed or in a cold cellar. In dark wintering, the temperature should not rise above five to eight degrees Celsius. It is better in young plants, however, always a bright hibernation, preferably in an unheated room on the windowsill or in the cold loft directly under the skylight.

Hydrangea cuttings

Young hydrangeas that were picked from cuttings late in the year should be winterized frost-free the first year

7. Do you have any tips on how to handle verbena and curry, both planted this summer, in winter? Do you need a pruning and winter protection?

For Verbena verbena is recommended for winter protection, because it survives the winter mostly only in mild climates. If it falls victim to the frost, you have to plant it again in April. However, the verbena is usually so strong that it even provides for offspring. Curry herb (Helichrysum italicum, H. stoechas or H. thianschanicum) is quite hardy and can overwinter in the bed without any protective measures, provided the soil is permeable and not too humid in winter.

8. What do I do in winter with the evergreen trees in the bucket?

It depends on how hardy the plants are. Species that can also be planted in the garden need at most a light winter protection. All evergreen shrubs can be damaged on frosty, sunny winter days but by freezing. You should therefore stand in the shade or covered with a fleece. The pots must of course be frost-resistant. Shake the snow from the plants so that they do not break apart.

Wintergreen shrubs overwinter

Evergreen trees should be half shady in winter

9. Can I still plant a shrub peony in the garden or should I overwinter the shrub in winter in a large plant pot in the cellar and try my luck in spring?

The optimal planting time is autumn, so you can plant the peony now. If it has stood on the old site for several years, the planting in the fall is definitely better than in the spring, because the bush has more time to form new roots. Make sure you put it in the ground as deep as it was before. The old planting depth is usually well recognized by the shrub base.

Päonia Lutea hybrid

The ideal planting time for all peonies is autumn

10. How long does it take for newly planted kiwi berries to bear fruit for the first time?

Like most climbing plants, kiwi berries are propagated by cuttings, so they already bear as young plants. When your kiwi berry wears for the first time depends mainly on the parenting: If you plant it now and raise it at the trellis, the first "branch floor" will be created next year. It then forms the first flowers and fruits in two years.

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