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There are some animals that depend on our help in winter. They appreciate gardens that are not completely tidy. Our community also knows about the preferences of isolated four-legged friends and makes suitable preparations to provide shelter for domestic animals for the winter.

Hedgehog quarters in the garden

Most often, hedgehogs shelter in the gardens of our community. The small mammals are not only useful guests in our garden, but are under conservation. To make you feel good, there are several shelter opportunities. Petra E., for example, has layered cut branches and twigs in a corner in the garden, waiting for the first inhabitant. Carmen M., who has been welcoming hedgehogs in the garden for decades, has also been successful with leaves. The little four-legged friend feels most comfortable in natural dwellings such as thorns, thick shrubs, stacks of wood or leaves. Wind and rain protected areas between bushes or on a wall are ideal for a shelter.

Hedgehog house of Neudorff

A hedgehog house provides the cute little animals in the winter a safe haven

Anyone who has no room for a large Reisigberg in his garden can still provide hedgehogs with a shelter. Hedgehog houses are the optimal solution here and very popular with our community. Julia S. is already successful with her self-made Hedgehog house, because since 5 days she accommodates a small resident there. Renate L. and Christine S. also prefer hedgehog houses. Whether home-made or purchased, it must be inaccessible to cats.
Hedgehogs like to go back to greenhouses in winter. Veronika S. always leaves a crack and places a heap of leaves in it to make it comfortable for the hedgehogs. Petra S., who has a similar experience and is happy to have discovered no rat in the shelter, has had similar experiences.

hedgehog food

As a hedgehog food is a mixture of oatmeal and cat food

Steffi L. asked us how long you can feed hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are basically insect eaters and can not tolerate plant-based foods. Even fruits and vegetables and milk they do not tolerate. Those who still want to feed can resort to dog and cat wet food or unseasoned minced meat. However, as soon as it freezes, feeding should be stopped slowly so as not to keep the hedgehogs awake through the artificial food supply.

Birdseed and nesting sites

Birdhouse in winter

A well-filled birdhouse is often visited by birds

Even birds are looking forward to some support in the cold season, because the population of songbirds and insects has fallen dramatically in recent years. Beate W. offers food for titmice, robins and sparrows in her bird feeder and Ines M. likes to hang bird food in the fruit trees. Sunflower seeds and dumplings are suitable for winter feeding, but also fruits or fat-enriched oatmeal help the birds through the winter. Seli W. knows how important it is to clean the feeders regularly, so you avoid mixing the feces with the birdseed. But not only bird food places are welcome with the birds. Even nest boxes provide a safe hiding place at a suitable height and are often used as sleeping places in winter.

insects hotels

Insect hotel in winter

A wind- and weather-protected insect hotel is well visited even in winter

Christine S. has hung up an insect hotel with her mother and thus offers important beneficial insects a wind and weather-protected refuge in winter. In pine cones and loose pieces of wood, for example, ladybirds, spiders and arthropods crawl, while in woodblocks one often finds the offspring of wild bees.

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