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Divide the plants in time

If you have a garden, you know that the longer they grow and the bigger they become, the less they can flower. Yes, sometimes they can even break. And unsightly you can become too. Do not let it come to that and give it a treat plants a Freshening!

Take the initiative in time and divide the plants. That's just the way to make you young and fresh again.

That's how it works:

  1. Plants are usually split in the spring, except for the varieties that bloom in the spring. You should already share them in the fall.
  2. Cut the wilted plant remains from last year a hand's breadth above the ground and carefully dig out the plant. If the roots are tender, you can divide the plant by hand, with tubers the spade is used.
  3. Make two equal parts of a plant, if it is already very large, it can also be several.
  4. Then plant again, loosen the soil well and fertilize. That's it.

It's so easy to make one of two plants and of course get twice as many flowers.

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