Fall protection for floor level windows

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Fall protection for floor level windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows bring a lot of light into the room and are therefore often used even when there is no balcony behind this window.
But then you definitely need a fall protection, so that nobody can fall out of the opened window and get hurt. Such a backup is not only useful, but also required by law.
Building regulations for floor level windows

Floor level windows always have to be fitted with a fall protection, regardless of whether the window is on the first floor or the 20th floor. On such windows, a railing is required by law to prevent accidents. This railing must cover the entire width of the window and is attached to the outer wall. The statutory height of this fall protection is regulated differently in the individual federal states, it must therefore be inquired of the competent construction office. In most cases, however, the minimum height of the railing is between 1.00 and 1.10 meters.
French railings as fall protection
Floor-level windows to which no balcony connects are often secured with a French railing. These railings are usually hardly visible from the facade
and are often kept very simple. But they can also be quite attractively designed by the fill bars are placed horizontally, vertically or in other directions, a handrail is added or the filler rods
be replaced by a specially designed ornament. Even a flower box can be integrated into a French railing, which can be equipped with different plants depending on the season.
In addition to the use of filler rods, which are usually made of stainless steel, but the railing can also get a perforated plate, a glass plate or other materials as a filling. But in order to make the actual purpose of a floor-to-ceiling window, namely a lot of light into the room, not to destroy it with a fall protection, it makes sense to make the railing as open as possible or with glass elements. French railings are available in different colors and can be equipped with LED lighting if required. Depending on the type of house to which it is to be mounted, there are a variety of possibilities and many locksmiths will certainly like to accept an order to produce a single piece to its own design of the customer.

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