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Fan palms actually come from the Mediterranean. But they also thrive here with us. Provided you plant the fan palm properly.

Fan palms like it warm

The fan palm has expressive ribbed leaves, which feel at home in both rooms and in the garden. Although the Fan Palm originates from the Mediterranean, it feels very comfortable in Northern Europe. But only if you properly plant the Washingtonia robusta, Washingtonia filifera and the Trachycarpus fortunei. There are finally some things to consider.

Buy Fan Palm or remove seeds?

The fan palm is suitable both as a container plant and as a garden plant. You can even grow a fan palm from seeds. If you want to give it a try, seed it in early autumn or late summer. Of course, it is easier if you buy a ready-made fan palm directly. So you do not have to wait patiently for a nice plant to grow up.

The right location for the fan palm

Originally from the warm regions of the Mediterranean, the fan palm prefers bright and sunny locations. Sunlight is crucial for the formation of new palm fronds, but heat also fuels growth. The fan palm feels really well at temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. If it can develop freely and the root ball is not limited by a planter, it becomes up to five meters high. As a container plant slows down the growth, making it less impressive.

The earth for the fan palm

In order to provide the plant with the best possible conditions, you should use a loose soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7. Ventilated soils provide the roots with the optimal opportunity to spread and absorb enough water even in short periods of drought. In principle, it makes sense to plant a drainage layer on the bottom of the bucket when planting in a planter. Put a little bit of gravel in the planter and place the bucket in a planter. The gravel then carries excess moisture away from the roots and prevents them from being rotten.

If you want to grow the fan palm from seed, a moist soil during germination is very important. The following earth components prove to be useful in the cultivation of fan palms:

  • Peat compost mixture
  • lava granules
  • sand
  • gravel

Mix a little sand, gravel and lava granules under the mixture of peat and compost to give it a loose bottom. Then keep the floor permanently moist. Make sure, however, that no waterlogging forms.


You can not make too many mistakes in the Fan Palm if you consider the following points:

  • ideally suited as a container plant
  • bright, sunny location
  • Temperature between 20 - 25 degrees Celsius
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • loose ground

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