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The cottage garden is based on an old tradition. It is considered a typical garden of the farmers and is particularly differentiated by its division and design. Learn how to create, maintain and design a cottage garden.

Cottage gardens look very rustic and are absolutely versatile. In addition to useful plants you will find here a large number of different typical farmer garden plants. Thus, no farmer's garden may lack the farmer's hydrangea, or the weeping heart, hollyhocks, globe thistle, margarites, various bulbous plants.
In cottage gardens, fruit trees are practically a must. These can be a bit off, on the edge of the garden, but also like in the center. A geometric demarcation is no longer a must, but book hedges are recommended at least around the garden. A farmer's garden must above all be one thing: lush. Blossoms and green in abundance. The fence of rustic wood. This is what characterizes a cottage garden. Cottage gardens are a perfect fit for thatched roof homes.

Many hobby gardeners also rave about a nostalgic cottage garden in which the plants spread almost unhindered over the Wegbegrenzungen, and dream of picturesquely towering climbing roses and sweet-smelling honeysuckle. Often it is forgotten that the traditional garden of our ancestors served not only the decoration, but rather rather practical purposes, since the vegetables harvested there was an important part of the daily diet.
The magic of a cottage garden is inextricably linked with the traditional farmer garden plants growing there - with thimble, bluebells, catnip and peonies you can nowadays create wildflowers that create a natural and species-appropriate habitat for many animals and birds and hedgehogs in addition to rare butterflies Garden lure. Especially near cities, it is becoming increasingly important to offer native wildlife a sanctuary where water and food can be found. Decorations such as statues and richly decorated planters should be used sparingly in the garden, if at all. Suitable materials that harmonize with the style of the facility are terracotta, brick, natural stone and, of course, wood. A rustic arch entwined with climbing roses, clematis or the sweet-smelling honeysuckle blends perfectly into a cottage garden.

Plants and flowers in the garden - planting plan + ideas for planting

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The authentic design of a cottage garden is based on a balanced mix of useful and ornamental plants. For order in the floral Allerlei provides a geometric floor plan to historical pattern. Let yourself be inspired by a creative planting plan with typical plants and flowers that combine to form a unique farm garden.

Creating a farm garden - planning and ideas for the flourishing kitchen garden

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The classic cottage garden symbolizes tradition, romance and nostalgia. As a living cultural history, this garden style has survived until today, because many home gardeners are guided by the traditional combination of healthy vegetables, fragrant herbs and colorful flowers. Read here how to plan and design your farm garden according to the spirit of the times as a flowery garden.

Create a cottage garden - instructions with many ideas and examples

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The Bauerngarten is considered the gateway to horticultural bliss. Healthy vegetables and colorful flowers are in this nostalgic garden style a colorful tryst. On closer inspection, the apparent smorgasbord is based on a sophisticated, over centuries grown concept. How you fulfill the dream of the farmer's garden is conveyed by this guide with many inspirations.

Farmhouse Garden - what is it? What belongs in a cottage garden

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In search of an effective deceleration in the hectic everyday life of the farmers garden is propagated as an ideal solution. It is said that undercovered, stress-prone office people find peace and relaxation under paradisical conditions. What is actually behind the term and which components make a garden the farm garden, you can find out here.

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