Meisenknödel: Are the nets dangerous?

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Through intensive agriculture, land sealing and increasingly hostile gardens, the natural food sources for birds continue to decline. Therefore feeding the birds is recommended by most ornithologists. Many people hang chick-dumplings in their gardens during the cold winter months. Here, bird friends repeatedly ask the question of whether the nets pose a danger to the feathered friends.

Most commercially available dumplings are wrapped in plastic nets that facilitate hanging in the trees. For a while, the danger posed by these nets, and the question of whether birds could get caught up in it and even run the risk of cruel cruelty, are hotly debated on various Internet forums. Therefore we asked some bird experts.
The NABU is of the opinion that the nets of dumplings are usually unproblematic, but in the mass can pose an environmental problem and a source of danger to more than just the avifauna. Because: If the empty eaten nets are not disposed of properly immediately, they often stay in the garden for decades, according to NABU, and eventually fall to the ground. There they can become a danger especially for small mammals such as mice and other rodents.

Meisenknödel: Yes - Nets: No.

The ornithologist and behavioral scientist Prof. Dr. Peter Berthold - although he believes that feeding all-year-rounds on the part of humans is absolutely necessary: ‚Äč‚Äč"For over ten years I have been intensively involved with the topic of feeding and I am only aware of one single case in which a titmouse in a dumpling net died. " According to Berthold, the positive aspect of feeding predominates, which somewhat mitigates the man-made problem of dwindling natural food sources. But he would also like to banish the dangerous nets of the dumplings: "In addition to the small songbirds also like to use magpies and other ravens on the dumplings. They grab the whole net, fly away with it - and the empty plastic spun is then as garbage and Source of danger in the landscape. "

Feeding stations replace the nets

Meisenknödel in feed spiral

Wire spirals pick up the dumplings and prevent larger birds from stealing the whole food supply

A harmless and above all waste-free alternative to the Meisenknödeln are Prof. Dr. med. According to Berthold and the NABU, so-called feeding stations and spirals for birds. Loose grains, dumplings or other feed offerings such as apples can be simply filled in or attached to them and hung in a tree. The advantages of the construction are obvious: The dangerous plastic net is eliminated and still the dumplings remain in place. So you can continue to feed the animals without hesitation.

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