Faucet is not the same faucet - quality counts

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Faucet is not the same faucet - quality counts

There are faucets in the sanitary trade of different manufacturers and with high price discrepancies. Quickly one sees oneself tempted to buy a cheap faucet, because at first glance one does not shine, why one should put on the expensive variant.
What are the differences between high-quality and low-quality taps, is often clear only at installation or maybe even later.

In fact, there are a number of good reasons to buy good quality taps.
Simple construction when buying a faucet note
In general, any layman with basic knowledge must be able to install a tap. Finally, modern devices provide detailed assembly instructions that explain step-by-step how to install the faucet. With the help of pipe wrench, screwdriver and any additional tools, which includes every home tool kit, you have quickly and easily installed the faucet.
But not with inferior goods. Here, the processing is sometimes so complex that the installation becomes a difficult act. If necessary, the instructions are even so complicated that the help of a plumber will be needed. The previously saved costs are spent in the consequence twice and three times again.
Therefore, a tap of good quality is to be preferred alone against the background of the own performance.
High-quality coatings prevent leaks, corrosion and limescale deposits
Another aspect that is clear for the decision
per quality and versus cheap product in the taps speak, is the issue of life. For if you summarize the daily use of a faucet once, you realize that it is a heavily frequented furnishing item, which is also prone to damage of any kind. And in this context, quality pays off.
Most taps start to drip at some point during their operation. These are mostly porous gaskets or limescale deposits on the perlator.
Since you are in the
well aware of such vulnerabilities, well-known companies devote increased attention to these vulnerable components. Accordingly, gaskets are designed to be particularly robust, so they less frequently fail their service and need to be replaced. In case of emergency, however, it is provided that a layman can make the seal change on his own. Therefore, the screwing in the sealing area are easy to handle.
High quality taps do not consider these components. As a result, the gaskets become more porous more often. However, the replacement is anything but easy and may even require the full tap change, although only one seal would have to be replaced.
The above-mentioned limescale deposits pose a similar problem for the faucets. Particularly in regions with extremely hard water, the faucets have to withstand a lot in this regard. The lime content of the water is stored not only on the water pipes, but also in the faucet and there preferably in the perlator. Over time, the faucet is thus no longer consistent and must be replaced.
But not with quality goods. Because such high-quality taps are lined with a special anti-lime coating that makes it difficult for the lime to adhere. This ensures the flow of water. Only in the area of ​​the pervator are such residues occasionally observed. In this case, however, the pervator can be easily unscrewed and lime treated. For difficult cases there are even spare perlators.
It is similarly problematic with the formation of corrosion. Before rust is hardly a metallic product in constant water contact safe. As a result, only a brown broth flows from the faucet instead of clear water.
But also in this area is characterized by quality. Because high-quality taps are made of stainless steel or are lined from the inside with a special coating, the
the corrosion announces the fight. A necessary tap change due to rust constituents in the water is therefore almost impossible with high-quality tap quality.

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