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Probably the most popular demarcation element between contiguous land is still the fence. Available in many variants, fences can be used according to your own ideas. Smaller fences, which have a decorative character and serve only as a general demarcation to the neighboring property, or rather high fence elements, which come close to a privacy. Protection and demarcation functions are thus the essential characteristics that are of particular interest when a fence is to be built. In agriculture, fences are used in particular to trap animals. Pasture fences or electric fences are mostly used for this purpose.
Fences are made of wood
The materials used for fence construction are manifold. First and foremost is the wooden fence, which can be found on most properties in this country. The fact that there are also various variants within the wooden fence segment does not always make the choice easy. Gladly used is the wooden lattice fence, the vertical slats are connected by a bolt. The slats attached to the bolt as well as the bolt itself are usually treated by means of a paint or glaze - on the one hand for optical reasons, on the other hand to increase the durability. Even with good care and regular brushing it will be necessary that such a wooden fence is renewed after a few years. However, the natural raw material wood, which is exposed to all weathers, can enhance the overall impression of the garden for many years to come. Whereby the next point follows. Fences not only provide protection and demarcation, but also offer the opportunity to present your own property, your own garden in a way. A beautifully landscaped plot looks very inviting and well maintained. If a fence serves as a demarcation to the street, it is he, the guests or residents and passers-by see first. A fence, which carelessly and unkempt serving as makeshift demarcation, colored in this respect also negatively on the entire property.
Fence construction made easy
Whether you ultimately decide to build a fence yourself or rely on finished laths, for sure, depends largely on how skilled craftsmanship is. If you have the opportunity to buy cheap wood and have a circular saw at home, you can also cut fence slats yourself. With a grinding machine, bumps can be removed afterwards. Even pastures can be used to create a fence. Some do-it-yourselfers will generally prefer creative fence solutions that have been developed on their own.
Alternatives to the classic wooden fence are needed
Those who value a durable and easy-care variant may also consider a metal fence. The great advantage of this fence variant is generally that a continuous aftertreatment - as is the case with wood - does not occur. Those who prefer the natural look will usually opt for a wooden fence. An alternative to both variants is also a plastic fence, the advantage of which is not the need for post-treatment. Deficiency may be a possible fading of plastic elements, with modern, high-quality plastic elements hardly fade.
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