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Whether privacy fence or simple garden fence, the posts must be set for each fence. Basically you have several options. On the one hand you can cement the fence post, but you can also fasten it by means of post bottom sleeves or U-pillars.
When concreting in the fence posts, holes must first be drilled with a so-called post drill. It is important that the holes are drilled about one quarter of the pole length at depth. For the necessary drainage add another 20 centimeters.
In order for the opening to become large enough for the post, it is necessary to enlarge it a bit with the spade. First, the hole is filled with a 20 centimeter high pebble layer, then you put the fence post on this layer. With wooden slats, the post is supported and aligned until the spirit level indicates a straight result.
If, on the other hand, you want to set the fence posts by means of post supports, you first need the supports, which are usually available as floor impact sleeves in the trade. The knock-in sleeves are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer and an impact tool. However, you must never hit the metal directly with the hammer, as this could otherwise warp in its shape, so that the opening is no longer large enough to accommodate the post.
When hitting yourself, you should pay attention to the vertical fit of the bottom sleeves, as only a straight insertion of the fence post is possible. Once this is done, the posts can be placed in the carrier. The screwing of both elements together by means of hexagon screws.
But post U-pillars provide a secure hold for the fence posts. These must be selected according to the size of the posts used. However, there are now also numerous U-supports, which can be adjusted in width and thus adapted to the particular circumstances.
For the U-pillars you have to excavate a correspondingly large hole and fill it with concrete. In the still wet concrete then the support is provided. The support must be aligned vertically in order to achieve a straight result. Then you let the concrete dry out and can not move the support.

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