Fern multiply in 3 steps

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Fern garden multiply instruction

The fern is particularly well suited for shady places in the garden. There he is the star, because here he likes it. It grows and grows and gets bigger and bigger. Now comes the time when you have the fern multiply should.

Of course you can buy new plants, but even pulled are just something completely different. They belong somehow to the family. Well, we intend to multiply a fern.
That's how it works:

  1. Ferns are made of fronds. We need a frond, which is not separated from the mother plant, but only bent to the side and placed with the bottom on the ground.
  2. Now we have to fasten the fronds to the floor with wire clips. This is how roots grow over the next few weeks and the first new leaves on top.
  3. Once the young plants are slightly larger, they are separated from the mother plant and planted in separate pots.

Since some ferns only become really big in late summer, it can be almost too late for young plants outdoors. Simply cut off the fronds and bring them inside in a sowing bowl.

Video Board: A$AP Ferg - Plain Jane (Audio).

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