Fertilization - targeted and well dosed

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Which ones are shows a soil analysis. Quick tests are available at specialist retailers, and floor laboratories offer more detailed soil analyzes for relatively little money. The test result will usually show that a normal complete fertilizer is not ideal for a suitable fertilization. Instead, you better use special fertilizers that are tailored to the needs of different plant groups. They are offered under names such as rhododendron, turf or strawberry fertilizers. These fertilizers only have a high phosphate content if necessary (eg rose or flowering fertilizers).
The plants need the nutrients depending on the season in different quantities. In the spring, the fertilization should be adjusted to meet the nitrogen requirements. For horn shavings or faster-acting horn semolina are well suited. In late summer, it is important to prepare the trees and shrubs for the winter. The nutrient potassium is important for this.
The amount of fertilizer depends heavily on the soil conditions. With mineral fertilizer, sandy soil is better fertilized bit by bit from spring to early summer because it does not store nutrients well. You can improve the storage capacity with compost and green manure. A special nutrient is lime. It is not only needed by the plants in varying amounts, but also improves the soil structure. With a pH test from the specialized trade it can be determined whether liming is necessary.

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