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Fertilize plants

Blue Grain Fertilizer - Products and Composition

In addition to the green thumb of the owner is also optimal fertilization, when a plant in rich colors and lush flowers. Ideal for flowering summer flowers is here blue seed, which is either added to the irrigation water or distributed directly as granules on the ground.

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Potassium fertilizer and the effect

Potassium fertilizers consist mainly of minerals and synthetic substances. In the form of single-nutrient fertilizers and also multi-nutrient fertilizers, the fertilizers with a high potassium content come into the soil.

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Fertilize tomatoes - how often and with what?

If you want to bring in a rich harvest of tomatoes in the summer, you should pay a lot of attention to the cultivation of tomatoes. If a rich harvest is to be expected in warm and dry summers, the chances in a rainy season are not so good, all efforts can be nullified.

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Horse manure, cow dung as fertilizer

Animal manure is not the same waste. On the contrary: These are high-quality, organic fertilizers. The metabolites of animals produce more organic growth in the garden or in the field. Both hobby gardeners and bulk buyers therefore appreciate the organic fertilizer that is abundant.

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Nitrogen fertilizer for lawn and vegetable garden

Hobby gardeners want their garden with appropriate growth of the plants, which applies both to the ornamental garden as well as for a kitchen garden. Commercial gardeners in particular like to encourage plant growth by adding fertilizers in order to achieve a richer harvest.

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Fir fertilizer - Tips for fertilizing firs and spruces

Fir trees and other evergreen plants in the garden are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Their advantages are obvious: the evergreen color makes the gardens look good and healthy from summer to winter. To favor this effect, the hobby gardener can make do with special pine fertilizer.

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Horn meal as a fertilizer and against clover in the lawn

Garden plants need regularly or occasionally fertilizers, in order to develop accordingly advantageous. This also applies to the lawn, with most garden owners and home gardeners wanting an English lawn, densely grown and free of any weeds such as clover or daisies.

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Apply Blue Grain - Tips for use

Blue Grain is a popular fertilizer for the garden. Applied in the correct dosage, the blue seed is also practical and nutrient-rich, and also relatively cheap compared to other fertilizers.

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Rhododendrons fertilize: 8 home remedies as fertilizer for azaleas

Whether in the garden or as a houseplant, azaleas from the genus of rhododendrons bring much joy and are also quite easy to maintain. But especially when fertilizing with home remedies should be followed certain instructions, so they can develop their beautiful flowers especially properly.

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Manure fertilizer: when and with which you should fertilize perennials

The professional fertilization of the perennials is considered an essential care measure of decorative ornamental plants. However, when and how the plants are best fertilized depends on different factors. Read here how to optimally supply your perennials with the necessary nutrients!

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Tree Fertilizer: Fertilizer for trees - this is how you fertilize deciduous trees

For healthy and strong deciduous trees, not only the pruning is indispensable, the soil should also have the most important nutrients. However, the nutrient supply in the garden soil does not always match the needs of the respective tree, so that additional fertilizer must be added.

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Rock flour: apply rock salt for roses + lawn

Rock flour, also called primeval rock flour, is very valuable especially for your roses and the lawn, although it is not among the classic fertilizers. What it does, how you bring it out and what else you should know is important in the home garden guide.

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Berry fertilizer: fertilize berries / berry fruit properly

Berry fruit is very popular and is often planted in many gardens. The shrubs grow larger every year and need enough nutrients if they are to bear many fruits. With a good berry fertilizer you provide the plants optimally.

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Peat in the garden: these plants like peat

Peat is extracted from peatlands and processed to soil, which you can use in your garden. The peat changes the texture of the soil, which some plants like very much. You can stimulate growth by adding peat to the soil.

NPK fertilizer - composition and application

In general, it is advisable to provide the soil with additional nutrients, such as those found in the whole fertilizer. It is cheaper both for the environment and financially, if you resort to alternatives, such as compost fertilization. In any case, one should not refrain from the price-performance comparison when buying solid fertilizer.

Citrus plant fertilizer - fertilizer for citrus plants

In particular, the citrus plants are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This is partly due to the pleasant scent that they spread, but also to the other certainty of the delicious fruits that carry these citrus plants once.

Houseplant fertilizer - fertilize houseplants properly

Plants need sun, water and especially the right nutrients to stay beautiful and resilient. In the wild these supplies are sufficiently available and need not be supplied from the outside.

Universal fertilizer - fertilizer for green plants

Universal fertilizers should be used if you want to supply as many different plants as possible with nutrients and trace elements. As a rule, special fertilizers such as geranium fertilizers or citrus fertilizers are better suited to the individual plant species.

Substrates and soils for plants

The passionate (hobby) gardener usually selects carefully the plants that should decorate the home and garden. Strong shoots, a healthy trunk, the most beautiful blossoms - everything is critically eyed and only the best are taken away.

Fertilize properly - that's how it's done!

The plants that we cultivate in our gardens should do above average: show the most beautiful flower florets that bear the biggest fruits - and often under conditions that do not necessarily meet their needs.

Lawn Fertilizer - Long-term fertilizer with weed killer

The lawn is the "heart" of the garden. In order to be able to enjoy a dense, lush green lawn carpet, it requires the proper "nutrition" in addition to the usual care.

Palm fertilizer - fertilize palm trees

Palm trees are common in pots and planters. Only a few hardy varieties can be planted directly in the garden. When fertilizing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Mineral Fertilizer - Inorganic fertilizer for the garden

Already in early spring, the hobby gardener begins with the care of his garden. The foundations for a colorful flowering summertime and abundant harvest are laid at this time. Fertilizers of various kinds are used.

Conifer fertilizer - application of HeckendĂŒnger

In the spring, the snow, which is left over from winter, melts and often severe damage to hedges and various woody plants is visible. In particular, the upper leaves are dried up and affected.

Guano fertilizer

The guano fertilizer belongs to the natural fertilizers and the history of the origin dates back to the 3rd and 5th century BC. Back. The name Guano comes from the Inca period and actually means dung. At that time, the excrements of seabirds were referred to and was already used at that time as fertilizer.

Green manure for the vegetable garden - Gelbsenf & Co.

Green manure contributes significantly to significantly improve the soil in the vegetable garden using special plant species. Because they not only relax the soil, but also enrich it with humus. The plants are either used as a mulch or incorporated into the soil.

Iron fertilizer, liquid foliar fertilizer

Like humans, plants need iron. With them, iron ensures that their leaves turn green, so there is a lack of iron through pale and yellow leaves.

Flower fertilizer - what should be in it?

Whether rose fertilizer, berry fertilizer, blue grain, bone meal, mineral or organic - the variety of fertilizers offered is huge and almost unmanageable. But which ingredients are hidden behind all the labels and which ones are really necessary?

Organic tomato fertilizer - horn shavings & Co.

Tomatoes were among the most important vegetables, which are also very much liked to be pulled. They are not only suitable for garden beds, but can easily be pulled in pots on the balcony. For a high-yield crop a nutrient-rich soil is important for the plants.


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