Fertilize plants - how it works!

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Fertilizing is for plants what is a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals for humans. Fertilizing plants is also very easy.

Fertilize plants

Fertilizer and its properties
Those who deny the plants the nutrients that are contained in the fertilizer must expect that the plants break down or do not grow as one would imagine. There are different fertilizers for different plants. So, when you buy plants, you should inquire which fertilizer is best for you.

In our following list we would like to thank you 7 main fertilizer and their properties imagine:

  1. Organic fertilizer - Here the nutrients are distributed through the soil life and made available to the plant.
  2. Fertilizer Sticks - These sticks provide a lasting supply of nutrients.
  3. Single Fertilizer - This fertilizer is needed if you want to do a specific individual fertilization.
  4. Depot fertilizer - It ensures a continuous and even release of nutrients.
  5. Liquid Fertilizer - Contains nutrients that are particularly readily available to the plant because they are already dissolved.
  6. Special Fertilizer - As the name implies, this fertilizer is used only on special plants.
  7. Mineral fertilizer - This fertilizer has everything that a fertilizer or the plant needs and is also quickly soluble.

Video Board: How to Select a Fertilizer - Organic vs. Synthetic.

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