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Guano fertilizer - composition & application tips

Millions of seabirds breed on the islands off the Pacific coast. The excrements of the animals are very valuable because they are used as natural fertilizer. As has been the case for hundreds of years, guano fertilizer is mined by hand under the most severe conditions to provide important nutrients to plants throughout the home, field and garden.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Grass lime against moss - application and lawn limescale

It often seems to come out of nowhere and literally suffocate the lawn, the moss. Many hobby gardeners then resort to lawn lime against the moss. Properly executed, this measure can provide a remedy, but this must be considered a lot and tested in advance.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Urgesteinsmehl, the fertilizer for tomatoes - application

Primary rock flour as a fertilizer for tomatoes has a lot to offer, because it does not fertilize the plants at short notice. Instead, the rock flour improves the soil structure in the long term and can even prevent diseases and pests or be used in combat infestation. Provided it is used correctly.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Over-fertilization of soil - signs and consequences for plants

If the nutrient supply is out of balance, the entire plant suffers. This disharmony includes both shortage and excess. While symptoms of undersupply are quickly recognized and resolved, resolving the problem of overdose is tricky. Here you can find useful information about the signs and consequences of plants during an over-fertilization of the soil.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: fertilizer

Feed oleander properly - the best oleander fertilizer

The oleander is an impressive Mediterranean plant, which is very well suited to bring the feeling of vacation on the terrace. However, as a so-called heavy-treamer, the beautiful plant with charismatic flowers has a high nutrient requirement. Read more about how to fertilize the oleander properly and what fertilizer there is.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Algae lime - composition, benefits and application

Who wants to fertilize his garden ecologically, faces the challenge of selecting the right fertilizer. Algae lime from various manufacturers is available commercially as a purely natural fertilizer. He is in every respect as ecologically valuable and is easy in its application. It is particularly popular for vegetables, but has a few more benefits. Here we inform you about the composition and the optimal application in the ornamental garden.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Foliar application: produce leaf fertilizer yourself

Foliar fertilization transports nutrients via the leaves directly into the plant interior to compensate for short-term deficiency symptoms. This guide will familiarize you with the right course of action, as this form of nutrient intake carries risks. Our field-proven instructions explain how to make foliar fertilizers yourself.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Fertilizer sticks: Information about the application and advantages

Anyone who sees their neighbors walking around busy in the garden and on the balcony in the summer knows that the plant high season has begun, and that the plants not only want to water, but also, above all, to be constantly supplied with nutrients. But the supply of the plants also works more comfortably: With the help of fertilizer sticks the hobby gardener does not have to constantly re-fertilize and in return can enjoy his plants once in peace.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: garden

Pigeon dung as fertilizer - so fertilize with pigeon droppings

The idea of ​​pigeon dung as fertilizer chases a gardener a shiver on the back. On closer examination, this variant of organic nutrient supply gains convincing power. Hygienic concerns are unfounded when used correctly. How to fertilize with pigeon dung, brings this guide to the point.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: fertilizer

Over-fertilization in agriculture - the effects

Fertilization is considered essential in agriculture and is indispensable for many farms. Although fertilizer is beneficial for farms, over-nutrient supply poses a threat to the environment as a whole.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: garden

Spring fertilizer: when and how to fertilize the lawn in spring

When the last frost disappears and nature recovers after a long winter, the lawn needs to be prepared for the summer. Fertilization is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account in the early-spring lawn care.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: plants

Dry coffee grounds as flower fertilizer - valuable ingredients

To dry coffee grounds as a flower fertilizer is a simple and inexpensive measure, because it still contains many valuable ingredients.In addition, the powder actually can not only be used as fertilizer, but also has other advantages. However, the treatment is crucial.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: garden

Fertilize hydroponic crops - make effective fertilizer yourself

Because hydroponic crops do not feed your nutrients through the soil and the expanded clay does not store them, regular fertilization is important. That goes into the money in the long run. It is cheaper to produce fertilizer yourself. How to do that without much effort explains the home garden guide.

Fertilizer and all about fertilizer: soil

Potassium nitrate fertilizer, potassium nitrate - all advantages and disadvantages

Like humans and animals, plants need nutrients to thrive. A large part of their "food" flowers and green plants from the soil or the soil. However, the nutrient content of the substrate is just used up in pot and tub plants at some point. And the plant can only feed on the irrigation water.

Superthrive - Plant Aid - Ingredients

Frangipani - Plumeria

It is a highlight for eyes and nose. This refers to the Frangipani with their exotic-looking, silky shimmering and yet stunningly fragrant flowers. Depending on the variety, they are available in different colors and colors. This plant is one of the most beautiful tropical flowering shrubs, which is cultivated in this country exclusively in the pot or bucket.

Kalkdünger: Apply lime in the garden and lawn

Lawn fertilizer lime

For a rich harvest and a lush green lawn it makes sense to use lime fertilizer every now and then. In general, the frequency of use also depends on the acidity of the soil. If a soil is very acidic and it is below the pH value of 5.5 then the use of fertilising lime is recommended and necessary. Both on the lawn and in the flower and vegetable patch.

Blue-grain fertilizer for the lawn - recommended or not?

fertilize in the garden

In the spring, after a long winter, it is important to bring the garden back to life, so that a new bloom and abundant harvest is expected. Therefore, it is important to prepare the soil of the beds for the new gardening season and to provide them with fertilizer. But which fertilizer should ideally be used here?

Autumn fertilizer - so you fertilize the garden in the fall correctly


Fertilize in the fall makes sense. Because most autumn fertilizers contain nutrients that have a high potassium content. The effect of this is above all that the cell sap increases the salt content and the plants overwinter, thus becoming more resistant to frost. But further effects of the autumn fertilizer on the plants offer only benefits.

Mineral and Organic Lawn Fertilizers in Comparison

lawn fertilizer

Hobby gardeners know that their lawn needs to be fertilized regularly. But which fertilizers are usually suitable, should be here on organic fertilizer, which includes the compost, or better yet resort to the chemically produced mineral fertilizer. This question is not easy to answer and depends on several factors.

Grass fertilizer against weeds and moss - that should be in it

Lawn with moss

Weeds always grow in the lawn when the grass does not provide the perfect conditions for growth. In these cases, moss, dandelion, clover & Co. are simply more durable than the tender grass and push it back. What should be in a lawn fertilizer against weeds and moss, learn here.


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