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Dry figs

Following the successful upbringing of a fig tree to the high stem, the annual pruning differs only slightly compared to the shrub. Again, in March and April, the optimal time window for this care measure opens. More than 3 leaders are not recommended, which are shortened by a third. To what extent you wish the further branching, which emanates from the supporting branches, is subject to your individual decision. Important to note is that in the last step, the trunk extension is trimmed so far that it ends about 20 cm above the juice balance.
It should be avoided that the fig tree Hochstamm develops an unexplained middle over the years. Which shoot occupies the position of the stem extension should also be clearly defined after the pruning. In addition, Astquirle unfavorable effect on the growth and the fruit hanging. The 3 Leitäste should not branch out at the same height as possible. Cheaper is an offset Leitaststreuung.
Tip: A weed-free tree disc effectively supports the vitality of the fig tree. As part of the pruning and repeated during the growing season, the prudent hobby gardener also focuses on this aspect.
For a fig tree to thrive healthy and vital over many years, it benefits from an annual pruning. Although the trees can be cut throughout the year, spring is the best time of year in March and April. This appointment has the advantage that the two-time harvest is not affected. In addition, it is clear at this time which plant parts suffered frostbite. If you cut your fig tree according to this manual, you will sustainably ensure clear conditions in the wood, create the desired structure and generate new wood for a repeat crop yield.

Worth knowing about the fig tree soon

  • Figs are usually cultivated in the bucket in Central European climate.
  • In some areas, however, one can dare to plant particularly hardy varieties.
  • With winter protection, the figs survive the winter, at least normal winter.
  • Figs can be grown as bush trees or fan laces.

dry halved figs

Especially a trellis on a warm house wall has advantages: The waste heat of the house ensures that the fig grow better and survive the winter well. The fig trench is built up like a normal fruit trellis. However, the shape usually does not seem that regular. There is more space between the arms.
Fig as a bush tree
  • A fig tree usually does not need to be cut.
  • It is enough to excite him occasionally!
  • Cut out old fruit wood and sick wood.
  • If the tree has become too big, a fig tree can be easily cut.
  • He also usually tolerates a radical cut.
  • Pruning is best in early spring, ie in February or March.
  • So that the harvest does not fail, do not cut away the two-year old wood. This is where most fruits appear.
fig espalier
The trellis is started at a height of 45 cm above the ground. The individual wires should be at a distance of 25 cm. It is planted in winter, ideally a biennial fig tree. It is planted about 20 cm from the wall. In spring, the main drive is cut - over the side shoot, which just surmounted the lowest wire. You leave a drive underneath. Both are then tied at an acute angle to the main drive on two bars.
  • Shorten both shoots over a strong bud to about 45 cm. Remove all other shoots!
  • Select four strong shoots on each side shoot (one on each side) next summer, one at the end of the branch, one at the bottom, two at the top. All other eyes break out!
  • Fix the eight branches to rods on the wire frame and guide in the desired direction!
  • Leave space between the new leaders! Fig leaves can grow big and give a lot of shades.
  • Cut back leaders in the late winter of the following year! Section above a bud, which points in the desired direction of growth.
  • Stand 60 cm from the year before! In summer new shoots grow. Unwanted eyes break out!
  • It usually takes four years for the base to build up. Then the fan only has to be cut in spring and summer.
  • In the spring, sick and damaged wood is removed! The new shoot will be shortened an eye above the base.
  • Tie up new shoots! Shoots that grow to the wall or remove it from it!
  • Old, limed branches remove an eye over the base.
  • Shorten the new shoot in summer to five leaves.

Tip: A trellis should not be too dense, because all fruit must get warmth and light alike.

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