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If the fig tree in the tub is too small for this, you can plant it quietly in the garden. But he can also be transplanted within the garden.

Fig trees can also be transplanted

Although the fig originally did not come from northern Europe, it has adapted so well that it can survive in the field.

Does it have to change the location after planting or if you want to put the fig tree out of a tub in the field, this is not necessarily problematic. However, you should pay attention to good soil conditions and some tips that we show you in this article.

Put figs from the bucket in the garden

If you breed crawfishes and the trees outgrow the tub, you will have to implement them over time. A good time to jump out of the tub into the field is after two years. In the past it is less recommendable, because figs only become hardy over time. If possible, use the spring to put the fig tree in the garden. Proceed as follows:

❶ The planting hole should be large enough for the fig to be able to root well. We recommend a planting hole that is about three times the size of the root ball.

❷ Figs, like many plants, tolerate no waterlogging. Therefore, it makes sense to provide the planting hole with a drainage. Lift the hole a little deeper. When draining, the hole should be so deep that the top of the fig roots is about ten centimeters more soil covered than at the old site.

❸ Then fill gravel on the ground.

❹ Clean the roots of the fig before transplanting and place them in the center of the hole. Make sure that the fig roots do not touch the edge of the hole. Without the old earth, the roots are unprotected and could be damaged.

❺ Fill the hole with a mixture of topsoil, sand, gravel and compost.

❻ So that the fig roots are surrounded by soil right from the beginning and there are no defects, you should shake the fig lightly during the planting process.

❼ Finally, secure the ground by gently tethering it with your foot. Now you can pour the fig in the field for the first time.

Convert figs in the garden

Even figs that already grow outdoors, you can transplant in the spring. The best time is the period before the tree gets fresh leaves. However, ground frosts should not be expected any more. The problem with transplanting is that the fig already has a large root ball, which is now no longer limited by a bucket. Therefore, you should proceed as follows:

Vorsichtig Carefully dig out the fig. Start digging as far away from the trunk as possible, being careful not to damage a few root pieces. The more roots you take with you, the more chance the fig has to regrow.

❷ Look at the root ball and then lift a new hole. This should clearly exceed the root size. Re-apply drainage.

❸ Put a stake in the hole. Then insert the fig and put earth in the hole. Finally, hit the earth.

❹ The peg serves to stop the fig after the transfer. Simply tie the trunk to the peg.

❺ Finally pour generously the converted fig.

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