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Figs mature

It does not always have to be apples, pears or plums. Even the fig is a fruit that thrives well in German gardens and is still very tasty. How to grow figs, read here.

Choose winter hardy plants
There are many different varieties. If you want to plant figs in the garden, you should try hardy plants like the Paradiso or the Violetta to get. They withstand temperatures of up to -10 degrees. However, even with these varieties to say that it would always be better to get the fig inside in the winter. The best would be a conservatory. Here all the other figs can withstand the cold weather and are stored at temperatures of 5 to 10 degrees. That's why figs should be kept in pots, if possible. This is how they thrive best.

Fruits are still ripening
The fruits, which are not ripe yet to catch, can be left on the tree, they ripen. In winter, the figs are poured sparingly. By the way, figs should not be cut back in autumn, otherwise they will lose too much milk juice. That could harm the plants. A cut is only necessary in early summer on the new shoot tips.

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