Terracotta figures adorn the garden

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Terracotta figures make the garden so special

There are certain things that make a garden worth seeing. The icing on the cake, so to speak. This includes, for example, the beautiful terracotta. Decorate figures made of terracotta the beds and do the garden to something very special.

But also flower pots made of terracotta are the hit. These decorate not only the garden, but especially the terrace and the one or the other balcony. But anyone who ever had such a flower pot made of terracotta in their hands knows how heavy they are - even without soil and plant. If the buckets have a fixed place, then you can make friends with it, otherwise you would have to constantly implement them. This work can be saved.

Light terracotta alternative - plastic
For there are more and more often offered by garden centers and hardware stores plastic vessels that are inferior in appearance to the originals in any way. And another advantage: These vessels you can confidently let the winter over in the open air, because they withstand the cold while terracotta jump and thus can break.

Video Board: How to Make Clay Sculptures : See a Completed Terracotta Sculpture.

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