Stuffed roses - if the flowers are too heavy

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The flowers are usually too heavy and bend off

Roses are the favorite flowers of many people and there is hardly a garden where you can not find roses. Some like the normal flowers, others are very special filled roses, These look really gorgeous, but have a problem: they are very heavy! This means that the plant can not always carry the flowers and tends to bend down or even break off. Especially when it rains or strong wind blows. Here are two measures that can help:

  1. Connect the plants
    It is tied directly to the shoot of the flowers, about five inches below the flowers. Either to an extra staff, to a fence, an obelisk or a climbing frame.
  2. Add potassium
    Roses should be fertilized regularly. An extra dose of potassium should then be added to this fertilizer. The walls of the plant cells are stabilized.

Alternatively, one can also avoid unfilled varieties, but it is only too understandable if you want to continue to have filled roses - they are just beautiful!

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