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The finishing of a plant always happens with varieties that have similar properties. In principle, the basic varieties are preserved, but should be combined with particularly good properties of other plants. This can be certain characteristics of the roots or also to achieve a biodiversity. So it may be that you want to achieve with the finishing of a plant, both hanging forms, spherical shapes, high trunks or bereaved forms. Refining is more successful, the closer the species relatives of the plant. It may also be possible to refine plants to make their fruits bigger. For roses, it is often the case to make them more resistant and make the flowers look fuller, more colorful and bigger.
Every now and then there are natural finishes. This can happen when roots of different trees grow together. However, this is not desirable and does not always have to be beneficial. So it is quite possible that these root connections also diseases are transmitted, which can be quite deadly for certain plants. For weaker plants, however, this process may be of advantage since these common roots also cause a water and nutrient exchange.
In principle, it is also possible for hobby gardeners to make a refining. However, they should then deal exactly with the plants and deal with them in order not to achieve the exact opposite in the processing. Refinements should only be made if it is possible to pass on a salient characteristic and to minimize weaknesses. Therefore, one should make sure that the plants that are quasi the parents are as related as possible. The closer the plants are, the more promising is the refinement. In principle, all plants can be refined. Both roses and berry bushes, pumpkins, cucumbers and other plants. If one finds that a plant has problems developing deep roots, it makes sense to refine them with a variety that has this property. Refining ultimately ensures that the positive qualities of a plant prevail and biodiversity is achieved. This will give you a biodiversity that might never arise naturally, but is essential to the flora because it makes it interesting and colorful. The goal of refinement, however, can not be to pull up bad qualities, but rather to eradicate these weaknesses. It is therefore advantageous if you have a little idea of ​​the nursery. Anyone who wants to learn more about the refinement, finds a variety of ways. Also, how a refining is done.

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