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The Nordmann fir shows a particularly regular growth and has soft, dark green needles that adhere to the branch for a very long time. Thanks to these characteristics, it is by far the most popular Christmas tree and is cultivated for this purpose in special plantations. In large gardens, parks and cemeteries firs are usually planted in individual positions. Only then can their beautiful, expressive crowns develop optimally.


Avoid late frost situations, as the young shoots freeze very easily.

To cut

Cutting measures should be kept to a minimum in firs - the woody plants naturally have a regular crown structure. If you want to plant a pine tree or set up a seat underneath, you can easily fasten the trunk to the desired height. If the tip of a young tree has broken off, you should immediately cut back the leading shoot to the next branch whisk and vertically direct a strong side branch with the help of a bamboo stick.

care Tips

Since fir trees need a very even soil moisture, the tree disks should be mulched with Laubhumus or composted bark. The nutrient requirements of the trees are not particularly high, so you can do without regular fertilizer.


Most species are propagated by sowing, varieties such as the dwarf balsam fir (Abies balsamea 'Nana') by finishing in the spring by lateral Anplatten. From the Korean fir are in addition to the seedlings propagated and refined specimens available. The latter form decorative cones even as young plants.

Diseases and pests

Firs are unfortunately one of the more sensitive representatives in the plant world. They are occasionally attacked by the gray mold, which causes the young shoots to die. A typical fungal disease is the pine needle rust (Pucciniastrum), which causes entire branches to die off and forms a white spore coating on the undersides of the needles. The pathogen is one of the host-changing fungi and uses as an intermediate host the narrow-leaved willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium). The disease can also cause significant damage in Christmas tree cultures if not treated in time with suitable fungicides. At a late frost damage reminds the work of the gray-green colored fir tree. It is best decimated in the winter with environmentally friendly sprouting spray, for example on rapeseed oil-based.

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