Fire and flame in the garden

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Zaugelnde flames, blazing embers: fire fascinates and is the warming center of every gregarious garden tour. In late summer and autumn you can still enjoy some evening hours outdoors in the flickering light. Do not ignite the fire on the ground!

The right location

Fire bowl Calcutta

Elegant fire bowl "Calcutta" with antique finish. To the product

In the garden, a fire bowl or a fire basket fit better than a campfire, and the baskets and bowls give the flames and embers a secure frame. Choose a sheltered place for your fireplace, which should be as far away as possible from the neighbor, because smoke can not be completely avoided. An insensitive base made of stone is best, because even closed bowls radiate heat down. So do not just put fire bowls in the grass, that will cause burn marks.

Make rules by the fire

Only burn well-dried, untreated wood. Logs of deciduous trees contain no resin and therefore hardly sparks. The best is beech wood, which brings long lasting glow. Resist the temptation to immediately dispose of a few garden waste such as leaves or pruning. That only smokes and is usually forbidden. Completely unproblematic with regard to smoke development are fuels such as fuel gel or ethanol. Small fire games, which are operated with it, also fit on the table and can be used on the balcony and terrace.

In fire baskets the wood burns better than in trays, because the oxygen also reaches the embers from below. Catch falling embers by placing a metal plate underneath.

Atmospheric and practical

Lanterns Obelix

The lantern "Obelix" by zone Denmark is made of concrete and glass. To the product

Over some baskets you can put a rust and use the fire place for grilling and cooking. In addition, torches, lanterns and candles provide atmospheric lighting. Beautiful lanterns you can tinker easily, quickly and cheaply. All you need is old preserving jars, the bottom of which you fill with clean sand or a few nice stones and in which you put tealights: The fire magic is done. For a special spectacle on the table you can take care by filling a tall, narrow glass one-third with stones. There you put a candle in and then put this glass in a larger, water-filled glass. The water level should close just below the inner glass. Decorate the "candle under water" as you like.

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In our photo gallery we show more fire bowls and baskets to inspire your own garden:

Garden fire terrace

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Fire and flame in the garden: garden

Fire and flame in the garden: fire

Fire and flame in the garden: garden


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Fire bowls and baskets

Fire and flame in the garden: garden

The lantern-shaped garden fire "Padro" keeps the roaring fire under lock and key

Fire and flame in the garden: garden

The fire bowl "Estro" by Padino Design is made of stainless steel and impresses with a modern design

Fire and flame in the garden: fire

Especially with ice and snow, the lantern "Wichtelmann" warms your hands and your thoughts and welcomes visitors on the doorstep

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

She looks like she was made of stone. In reality, the "Gladstone" hearth is made of a magnesium mixture and weighs less than 30 kilograms

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

The fire bowl "Demons Fire" is made of three iron sheets put together and unfolds a wild charisma especially in the dark

Fire and flame in the garden: fire

Stylish and elegant, the oil torches "Roma" illuminate the way through the garden. The crown is made of stainless steel, the rod of plantation hardwood

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

The fire basket "Cubus" can simply be transported to the right place on the terrace and donates heat where it is needed

Fire and flame in the garden: garden

Behind this mosaic table with 89 centimeters in diameter hide a fire bowl and a grill

Fire and flame in the garden: garden

The flames of the "ponton fireplace" seem to float in the glass. The fire is powered by bio-ethanol and can stand indoors and outdoors

Fire and flame in the garden: garden

The terrace oven "Obelisk" made of black iron can also be converted into a barbecue

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

With these silver floating balls made of stainless steel, the garden pond is set in a very special way in scene

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

Denk from CeraNatur® ceramic is filled with one kilogram of candle wax for 36 hours of cozy flames

Fire and flame in the garden: flame

The fire bowl "Harmony" stands on high, curved legs. To protect against flying sparks, a suitable cover can be placed

Garden fire terrace

Fire bowl Estro

Windlight Wichtelmann

Fire pit Gladstone

Fire bowl Demons Fire

Garden Torch Roma

Fire basket Cubus

Mosaiktisch garden grill

pontoon fireplace

Terrace oven obelisk

floating balls

melting fire

Fire bowl harmony

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