Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden

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Fire bowls and fire baskets are very popular as garden accessories. No wonder, because fire has accompanied humanity since ancient times and captivates our gaze with its flaming flames. But choosing the right product is not easy with the prevailing offer. That's why we would like to introduce you to some decorative bowls and baskets.

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As beautiful as fire is - it offers at least as much hazard potential. That's why it always means to pay attention to the safety during the selection and later use. Fire baskets in particular are not entirely harmless with their optical transparency, which makes them spectacular miracle prodigies. They usually have only a small closed floor with legs and above the lush basket of welded or riveted iron bands, which is filled with firewood. The advantage of the open design is that much oxygen is supplied to the fire. The fire basket can be fanned quickly and the wood burns in a flash. The disadvantage is that through the spaces easily sparks flying through wind and glowing pieces can fall out of the basket. Therefore, when using fire baskets, pay particular attention to a safe parking space. Place your fire basket only on non-flammable surfaces, which ensure a secure footing - ideal are stone slabs or uncultivated soil. Never place it close to flammable materials such as wooden or plastic garden furniture.
TIP: To reduce the risk of flying sparks, the basket can be lined inside with a tight-meshed wire mesh. So no big chunks fall down.
In the case of firecrackers, sparks fly, but only through wind that runs over the shell. In addition, the problem with falling chimney completely omitted in a fire bowl, since it is made of a solid piece. The downside to her, however, is that there is no effective draft and thus the fire is slow to get going. Although it burns longer, but does not donate so much light, as higher flames only arise with good oxygenation.

fire Pit

Especially in autumn, fire bowls and fire baskets are a nice warm center in the garden

Materials for fire bowls and fire baskets

In fire baskets, the material spectrum is limited to metals. Most are wrought-iron constructions that are either joined together with spot welds, spot-welded or riveted. With fire bowls it looks a bit different: Here, in addition to driven steel and cast iron, terracotta and ceramics are used. When choosing the material, pay attention to the later intended use. Metal as well as ceramic shells are equally suitable for the use of normal firewood. It becomes problematic when coals are used, because here are much higher temperatures than in a wood fire, not all ceramic and terracotta bowls have grown. Inform yourself best in the specialized trade, for which kind of firing the shell is suitable.
The metal shells can theoretically be operated with any fuel and often shine with practical expansion options: So many manufacturers have the fire basket or the fire bowl matching grill grates or skewers in the assortment, with which, for example, cane bread or sausages can be cooked.
In the following picture gallery we present you some decorative fire bowls and fire baskets.

Fire basket myGardenlust

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Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: light

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: light

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: fire


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Fire bowls and fire baskets in the MY shop

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: fire

The fire basket made of sturdy steel is supplied with ash bowl. It absorbs falling embers and ashes and protects sensitive floors and lawns. When not in use, it can be stored to save space. Diameter: 60 centimeters

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: bowls

The fire basket "Midi" is made of fireproof steel in a very stable design and the sleek design makes it beautiful in appearance. The cubic recesses are located in the front and rear basket. This gives the fire sufficient ventilation and creates a nice, even burning flame. For easy transport there are right and left interventions

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: bowls

The design of the fire basket "Tulip" allows an optimal view of the flames from all sides. The fire gets enough air and therefore burns beautifully evenly. The basket can be outdoors all year round. It consists of two robust powder-coated iron parts (feet and basket) and can be mounted quickly and easily

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: heat

The fire basket "Cubus" is a smaller version of the model "Midi" and also made of fireproof steel in very stable design. He also has in the front and rear basket cubic recesses through which sufficient air comes to the fire to get a nice, even burning flame

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: light

The fire basket "Heat" made of powder-coated iron is ideal for garden and terrace. Thanks to the basket look, you can fully enjoy the magic of light and shadow played by the flames. The low-cost version is suitable for outdoor use all year round, but you should pay attention to a secure footing

Fire bowls and fire baskets: light and heat for the garden: light

The massive fire bowl "Ferro" made of cast iron has a diameter of 60 centimeters and a stable base. The shell gets over time the many desired and appreciated Edelrostpatina. For the care of the material we recommend to rub the fire bowl two to three times a year with cooking oil. This guarantees a long life

Fire basket myGardenlust

Fire basket Midi

Fire basket tulip

Fire basket Cubus

Fire basket Heat

Fire bowl Ferro

The used look is in demand

Shabby chic is in - so fireplaces do not have to shine silver like stainless steel, but may look a bit rougher. Firewalls and fire baskets made of conventional steel will soon show first signs of rust when left all year round, which certainly have a decorative character. Ceramic and terracotta firebowls are also good for outdoor use, but can be cracked in winter due to frozen water retention. That's why they should be stored in the shed or cellar during the cold months. The water is not completely harmless even if a fire is kindled in the damp shell. If the heat develops too fast and the stored water has no chance to escape slowly, it expands and cracks can also develop.
As you can see, stoneware and terracotta bowls are more delicate and need a little more care than metal fire bowls - but basically, personal taste is the deciding factor.

Cleaning and care of fire bowls and baskets

Even if the used look is gladly seen, too much and above all a lasting stay in the rain, the durability of the fire bowl or the fire basket are not conducive. So at least in autumn and winter, a sheltered place like the garden shed or the basement should be chosen as a shelter. Especially with fire bowls made of clay or terracotta, this is recommended because otherwise water enters the rough structure and bursts the capillaries in frost. This will quickly cause larger cracks and jumps.

Ash in the compost

Ashes contain many mineral constituents and bring nutrients back to the soil when added to the compost

When cleaning there is not much to note. Once the ashes are completely cold, they can either be disposed of as residual waste or mixed into the garden compost. Make absolutely sure that it is completely cold. A small glow has often led to burning garbage cans.

Store firewood dry and airy

Firewood rack made of stainless steel

Firewood rack made of stainless steel

Those who regularly use the fire basket, perhaps even a fireplace, need a place where the firewood can be kept airy and protected from rain. The model KERI made of stainless steel fits on all modern furnished terraces. The firewood stand can be ordered from Amazon and is available in eight different sizes.

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