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Whether for barbecue or just to relax: a fireplace has just something magical. My 4 ideas for creating a fire pit.

brick hearth

It crackles, blazes and warms us up on colder evenings in the garden - fire. But this element can be much more than practical. Creatively designed, you can also create a true eye-catcher in your garden. And to be honest: relaxing in front of a fire in the garden is really just the best way to leave the busy workday behind, right?

So if you want to bring some more cosiness to your garden, then it's best to make a fire pit. We would like to introduce you to 4 creative ideas on how such a job might look like here. In the future you will not have to do without cozy evenings in the garden, because the fire will keep you nice and warm even in cooler temperatures.

Ideas for a fire pit in the garden

➤ idea no. 1 - wall of fire:

First, we would like to introduce you to a variant that you can even easily implement: the brick fireplace. You can create these easily and completely according to your own taste. For example, as a fire pit or in the form of a round wall. Your imagination knows no bounds here.

For the first variant, for example, you could dig out a hole and then insert a refractory shell into it. Or you can put in stones there. For the second variant, you just have to make bricks (or other stones) into a circle (simple instructions on

➤ Idea # 2 - Set up the fire bowl:

fire Pit

If you are not very talented in craftsmanship, then you can make it easy and set up a fire bowl in the garden. These are available in a wide variety of designs, so there should be something for every taste and garden style. There are, for example, cast iron, stainless steel, iron, ceramic or terracotta fire bowls and then also in a flat and a high version.


You can also use a fire bowl as a barbecue. All you need is a grill frame with grate and a height-adjustable chain.

Which fire bowls and fire baskets are bought most often?

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➤ Idea # 3 - Set up the garden oven:

garden hearth

Garden stoves, as they are known from Mexico, have been enjoying great popularity in Germany for several years now. Not only because they are visually very beautiful, but because you can enjoy the blazing fire and the stove quickly gives a pleasant and cozy warmth.

As far as design and materials are concerned, there are garden stoves, for example, in traditional Mexican form and in terracotta or even in very modern forms and made of high-quality steel. Very nice are also the models of cast iron, which are offered in traditional form. Which of these fits best into your garden, you have to decide for yourself. The garden stove should only always match the garden style.

➤ Idea # 4 - Install gas fireplace:

Garden Gas Fireplace

For all those who like it a little more noble and also have a gas connection, here presented another nice variant for a fireplace: let the expert simply install a gas fireplace in the garden. This not only looks very noble, it also brings a lot more benefits:

  • no pollution by ash
  • no soot formation
  • no propane gas bottle necessary
  • no chopping wood
  • can be switched on and off easily and conveniently by pressing a button

The great thing about such a gas fireplace is that you even get it as a combination of fireplace and table (see example model on So you can place your garden furniture around it and even can put your drinks on it.

However, it is important (if you have not already done so) that you make a gas supplier comparison at the latest when purchasing a gas fireplace in order to avoid such high costs. Such a gas provider comparison you can e.g. at free of charge and without obligation. So you can see at a glance which gas provider in your region is the cheapest. And also the laying of the gas socket (information under in the garden should always be left to a specialist.

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