Clean the chimney panes - good chimney washer

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Clean the chimney panes - good chimney washer

A chimney with glass pane brings campfire atmosphere directly into the living room. Wonderful, not only to feel the pleasant warmth of a stove, but also to be able to watch the dancing flames.
But unfortunately it is over with the attractive spectacle, as soon as the glass of the fireplace has added to soot. There are flue gases mixed with water vapor, which cause the ugly surface. How to settle in a comfortable way
Clean the chimney panes?
Good Kaminscheibenreiniger from the trade
The soot is very persistent, so normal glass cleaners are rather unsuitable. Commercially there are pads made of steel wool, with which the sooty chimney panes become clean again. Powerful cleaning substances are usually already integrated. With excessively coarse steel wool, however, there is a risk that the windows will scratch, but with dry sponges the glass will be spared. Active foam from the spray can to clean the chimney panes requires a certain exposure time. From about 30 cm foam is sprayed onto the glass. He sticks pretty well on the vertical pane. Take care when inhaling the vapors, as they are mostly harmful to your health. It is also recommended to wear gloves when cleaning. After ten at the latest
Minutes, the foam can be wiped off with the soaked soot with a paper towel. Good chimney cleaners completely remove the coating with a single application. Oven cleaner often fulfills the same purpose.
With home remedies
Clean chimney panes

Even with black tea can be
Clean chimney panes. Many fireplace owners, however, swear by cold ashes. Newsprint is lightly moistened, dipped in cold ash and rubbed over the dirty writing. However, this application is somewhat time-consuming, especially since then still have to be a final cleaning with water or glass cleaner.
This way, the chimney windows stay clean longer
Dry wood with the least possible moisture causes less soot. Residual moisture is usually in the bark, so it is advantageous if the wood is placed in the oven so that the bark looks into the interior of the fireplace. Wood with little resin content, such as beech wood, does not pollute the windows so much. Long smoldering of the wood when dressing should be avoided. So it's best to make sure that the fire flares up properly and then add enough wood. But despite all precautions, the discs are gradually soot, so at the latest then use good Kaminscheibenreiniger.

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