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A gel fireplace is the ideal open fire for closed rooms without chimney access. The advantages of a gel fireplace are that this type of fireplace can be taken anywhere. Whether apartment, house, garden shed, conservatory, etc. the gel fireplace can be taken. The gel fireplace is therefore ideal for young people who often have to change their place of residence. A permit from the landlord or chimney sweep is not required. A gel chimney can be used immediately after installation. It offers real fire without wood, soot, ash and dirt.
As fuel either bio-alcohol or Brenngel can be used. On some models, only one of the two fuels may be used. Bioalcohol consists of organic renewable resources (e.g., corn, corn, potato, etc.) that have been processed into pure, denatured alcohol. This material burns smokeless and does not produce harmful substances or toxins. The flames of bioalcohol are bright yellow. The combustion gases consist of water vapor and carbon dioxide. What are the other two advantages, such as air humidification and heat loss through the chimney
is avoided. Brenngel, on the other hand, burns with a bluish, slightly smaller flame. While bio-alcohol burns without residue and therefore the containers do not need to be cleaned, the fuel paste in the container leaves residues that should be removed from time to time by soaking.
The optional "logs" made of a ceramic mixture do not burn
itself. Only the alcohol or fuel paste in the fuel cartridges is burnt. An hour of burning with bio-alcohol costs about 1 - 2 EUR. The fuel quantity to be fired should not exceed the value of approx. 0.5 liters per hour with a volume of approx. 30 m³. Even with chimneys without chimney, ensure sufficient air supply, so that the fire can burn well. With the flame extinguisher, which is usually included in delivery, you can end the "fireplace session" prematurely. It is simply put the flame extinguisher on the can, so the fire "food" is withdrawn and it goes out. The fuel gel / fuel paste can be purchased either through the gel chimney manufacturer or in stores or online shops of hardware stores or mail order companies. Bioalcohol is obtained from many manufacturers for chimneys without a chimney.
Manufacturers of fireplaces without chimney are for example:
Embankment 2a
D-65468 Trebur
Holland House GmbH
On the Rotenburg 22
D-49525 Lengerich
Fireplace Design Gmbh & Co KG
Poppenstr. 5
D-85049 Ingolstadt

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