The first hedgehogs are already awake

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Mild winters are a deadly danger for hedgehogs: the animals wake up prematurely, consume too much energy and still find no food. So you can help them.

The first hedgehogs are already awake: first

In mild winters, many hedgehogs wake up prematurely

For the Hedgehog This year's hibernation has been nothing short of a nap. The Early riser among the spiky fellows are because of the mild temperatures already cheerfully and stray in search of food through the gardens.
As much as the sight of the supposed spring messenger may please the gardener's heart, hedgehogs find it particularly difficult in mild winters. you wake up too early, do not find enough food and are usually still from one late frosty period surprised. As a rule, the animals then move back to their quarters and continue their hibernation. The wax phase costs the hedgehog, however, very much much energy, so many animals end up starving because of the Fat reserves are not enough. Because even with undisturbed hibernation loses a hedgehog already a quarter to a third of his body weight.
If you encounter a hedgehog in winter, you should definitely provide it with plenty of food. Ideal is Cat food, Milk, on the other hand, is more harmful to the animals as it causes indigestion.
The following recipe has proven itself as hedgehog food:

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