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With the first night frost, the season is over for the most sensitive potted plants. These include all tropical and subtropical species such as angel trumpet (Brugmansia), cylinder brush (Callistemon), rose marshmallow (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), candle bush (Cassia) and lantana (Lantana).


Lantana is one of the most sensitive potted plants

Tip: Keep your potted plants outdoors for as long as possible. Even a slight cold damage tolerates most species better than the stress in winter quarters. More robust Mediterranean species such as oleander and olive can withstand short periods of frost down to -5 degrees Celsius without any problems and survive mild winters on the terrace.

angel's Trumpet

The angel trumpet gets her first pruning in the autumn

In addition, pruning in particularly pest-susceptible species, such as the rose marshmallow, can prevent a spider mite or brown-throated epidemic in winter storage. Angel trumpets should also be pruned when they are added - on the one hand, because the strongly growing shrubs are usually too large for winter quarters anyway, and on the other hand, because they promote the branching and flowering for the next year with the pruning.

Cover the container plants dark and cool


Oleander must first be sintered at significant minus temperatures

The winter quarters should also be as cool as possible for the heat-needy potted plants, so they do not start to drift. Since the metabolism of tropical plants almost completely stops at temperatures of ten degrees Celsius, a dark cellar with consistently low temperature is ideal for wintering.
By the way: the potted plants in winter quarters hardly need water either. Just make sure that the root ball does not dry out completely.

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