Fish gasp - what to do?

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If you follow the above steps and you are sensitively watching the animals and the pond, you can have permanently healthy animals and a clean basin. The bigger the pond the more constant the water quality and health can stay in the pond. For a small pond you should only use very few fish, because with less water, the water can "tip" faster. A regular check of the water, the different values ​​and the fish are very important to prevent diseases or fish deaths.

Worth knowing about breathing air for fish

When fish are predominantly at the top of the water and gasping for breath, this is mostly due to the components that are in your pool:
  • It is possible, for example, that you have integrated copper pipes in your garden pond or in your system. Under certain circumstances, some copper may come off and get into the water.
  • Another possible cause could be that the pH of the water is too high. Measurements should be taken regularly here, otherwise, for example, too high nitrite levels can lead to poisoning of the fish.
  • If there is such poisoning, not only do the fish catch the air at the surface of the water, they also slow down, barely move or even die after a while.
What can you do? - In any case, do not panic if these symptoms and behaviors described apply. Instead, replace about half of the water from the basin. In general, you should measure the nitrite value every day, it must not be higher than about 0.5 mg per liter. Otherwise, a part of the water must be changed again.
Concerning the pH value, the following can be said: If it is below the important mark of 7, it is the substance ammonium, which is present in the water and harmless to the fish. If he is against it, it is ammonia that has formed and that the fish absorb. This should be urgently acted, so that there is no ammonia poisoning of the fish.
The solution: Simply lower the pH to 6.9.

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