Fish in the swimming pond - pros and cons fish stocking

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A swimming pond is probably the dream of every garden owner: you can not only look at the pond and enjoy this biotope, you can also swim in it, ideally.

Fish in the swimming pond - pros and cons fish stocking: stocking

  • goldfish - 60 to 100 cm (are also smaller) rakes the pond bottom strong, very voracious, responsible for any amount of droppings in the water, propagates rapidly
  • grass carp - to 100 cm, eats the whole pond vegetation, digs up the soil
  • Trout - up to 40 cm, preferably flowing waters

  • crucian - multiplies rapidly, also feeds on lack of food
  • Dwarf and cat catfish - up to 40 cm, very voracious and nocturnal, you hardly see
  • sturgeon - up to 500 cm, is very large and requires a lot of space, strong urge to move
A swimming pond is great, even with fish. However, it should be properly planned and built and also be big enough. The best way to get advice, so you later have a lot of fun while splashing and watching fish.

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