Flannel shrub: detecting and controlling diseases and pests

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The flannel shrub inspires many hobby gardeners with its magical flowers. However, this is at risk if the plant is attacked by diseases and pests. Now fast help is needed.

Flannel shrub: detecting and controlling diseases and pests

Although the flannel shrub is relatively robust, it is not completely immune from diseases or pests. But what differentiates him from many other plants is the self-protection the plant has. Because the dense leaf hair prevents many pests.

But not all, because aphids are rather unimpressed by the hair. For example, mildew and root rot can occur in diseases. But even here your plant is not left to fate. There are proven countermeasures.

Pest infestation with aphids

Already in early summer the first aphids are on the way. Watch your flannel shrub carefully, especially the undersides of the leaves are popular collection points. If you do not do anything about the annoying parasites, the aphids will soon spread over the whole plant. As a consequence, it can lead to the formation of black Rußtaupilzen. Timely intervention is therefore important!

This is how the aphids fight

For this, mix one liter of water with 15 milliliters of liquid core soap or soft soap and spirit. In addition, a drop of detergent in the solution, which serves as an emulsifier. With the mix, spray the plant every two to three days until all aphids have been destroyed.

Nettle brew:
Cut stinging nettles and leave to ferment in a covered container with water in a warm place for a few days. Then fill the - not good-smelling - broth in a hand sprayer and spray the flannel shrub with it. Repeat the process several times at intervals of one to two days.

Flannel shrub attacked by root rot

Healthy shrubs are largely resistant. With good care you can prevent. Especially the root rot usually only occurs when the irrigation is not right or the soil is overfertilized. Mushrooms are responsible for the root rot. They recognize the disease on brown discolored shoots, near the ground smells the plant musty to foul. The flannel shrub grows only miserable, the bloom stays out.

With fresh milk against mildew

Important: It must be fresh milk, do not use UHT milk. The milk contains microorganisms that kill the fungal spores. The lecithin in the milk also has a positive effect.

Mix 900 milliliters of decalcified water or rainwater with 100 milliliters of fresh milk. In addition, a splash of detergent is added to the mixture, which ensures better adhesion to the leaves. Spray the leaves with the solution every two to three days.

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