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Flea bites, which are also recognizable as such, should be treated accordingly, otherwise it can easily lead to a wound infection. In addition, they can transmit different pathogens such as bacteria that can cause the so-called typhus or larvae of tapeworms. These animals can survive in their cocoons for up to a year in the apartment. Even rodents and birds are often afflicted by fleas and can, for example, through a bird's nest, which is located near a window, enter the apartment.
Recognize flea bites correctly
As already mentioned, flea bites are not a sign of poor hygiene, whereby the so-called human flea in Central Europe has almost been eradicated due to the meanwhile high hygiene standards. Therefore, flea bites today come in most cases from other species, but especially from dog and cat fleas. Once in the apartment, these parasites nest in clothing, carpets, upholstery or mattresses and multiply rapidly there. Even if fleas in the apartment cause great discomfort, their bites are certainly the most unpleasant of the whole thing. They are not immediately recognizable as flea bites, because these skin irritations are sometimes similar to allergic reactions of the skin to other substances. In contrast, they are easy to distinguish from insect bites. While stings of bees, wasps or mosquitoes cause extensive swelling and ants or spiders leave only two small marks, flea bites always have similar bite structures.
A flea bite itself is not painful. It is not until 12-24 hours later that wheals are formed, a reaction of the body to the saliva of the fleas. These wheals are usually arranged in groups or rows. It comes to redness and swelling at the injection sites, which emanates from a very intense itching. Tip: The arrangement of the bites is due to the fact that the flea makes veritable test bores on the human body until it has finally found a blood vessel for tapping.
Initial treatment for obvious bites
If flea bites are clearly identified as such, you can take appropriate countermeasures. In most cases, the healing of flea bites in this country easily, unlike in tropical countries, where serious diseases such as the plague, swine fever or even polio can be transmitted. First, it makes sense to thoroughly shower the hair as well. Itching can be done by putting cold and damp cloths or cold packs on the itchy areas. These can alleviate both itching and swelling. Helpful are easy-cooling, pain-relieving and itching soothing ointments and gels from the pharmacy, which are also used against other insect bites or eczema.
In case of extreme itching, the doctor may optionally prescribe a homeopathic remedy for oral use. If the punctures or bites have become inflamed or additional symptoms such as headache, fever, nausea or even respiratory distress set, in any case seek medical advice. This is true even if flea bites do not heal or catch fire. Normally, the itching should disappear after a few days and a few days later the swelling or wheals. Tip: What you should not do is itching, because that carries the greatest danger, which is very difficult in view of the unbearable itching. However, by scratching bacteria can get into the wounds, so that the whole thing inflames and then it can lead to complications.
What else to do
If flea bites have been detected, it is important to treat domestic pets as well. For this purpose, commercially available flea collars or flea drops that can be used to destroy the fleas but also preventative. Furthermore, you can have the veterinarian an anti-flop prescribe that kills both the fleas and their larvae and eggs. Since the fleas can nest in the entire apartment, it is important to wash all clothing that might be affected at a minimum of 60° C. The same applies to blankets, curtains, stuffed animals and the like. Textiles which do not tolerate such high temperatures should, if possible, be placed in the freezer or freezer for at least 12 hours. Smooth floors are best cleaned with a steam cleaner and vacuumed carpet thoroughly and immediately emptied in household waste. This cleansing procedure has to be repeated for several consecutive days, extremely meticulously. The sleeping places of pets also need to be thoroughly cleaned. It may be useful to dispose of them completely.
Those who swear by home remedies can, in addition to the measures mentioned, try to eliminate fleas by setting up a soup plate with water and a drop of detergent on the floor. The purpose of the dishwashing liquid is to eliminate the surface tension of the water so that the fleas can not escape again. In the center of the plate is placed a candle or a small raised log and a tealight on it. By the heat, the candle or tealight, the fleas are attracted. With a bit of luck, they jump in the direction of the candle, falling into the water, where they eventually drown. However, the room in question must be darkened. Tip: The treatment of both the person and the pets and the apartment should be as simultaneous as possible to prevent the fleas from spreading again.
To effectively prevent the parasite

  • It is best to prevent flea bites by protecting household pets from attack.
  • Flea collars or a flea comb can be helpful.
  • Otherwise you should regularly clean the sleeping places of the pets and their cuddly places.
  • This includes all textiles and upholstery on which they often sit.
  • Also, frequently ventilate and knock out the bedding of the human occupants and carpets.
  • Regularly wipe floors made of laminate, parquet, tiles or the like.
  • Vacuum carpets at regular intervals and always empty immediately.
Conclusion of the editorship
Fleas are parasites that are normally not dangerous but their bites can be very unpleasant. In order to best protect yourself from them, you should protect your pet accordingly, especially if it is a lot out there or has contact with other animals. With regular grooming, for example with a so-called flea comb, a possible infestation can be detected early and, if necessary, suffocated in the bud. Otherwise, cool down diligently and always consult a doctor if complications occur.
Worth knowing about flea bites soon
Flea bites are in most cases not a sign of uncleanliness. They are often caused by fleas that are brought into the home by pets such as dogs and cats, so children are particularly often affected because they often have a very close contact with the animals and they also like to take her to her room and her bed. This type of fleas are cat and dog fleas, which generally prefer the blood of these animals, but, if necessary, are also satisfied with the blood of humans.
Recognize flea bites in humans
  • Flea bites are round and often lie in a row, because the fleas bite several times.
  • The parasites are easily irritated by human movements or other disorders.
  • The skin around the bite is red and it causes an extreme itching, which can extend far.
  • Because most fleas are nocturnal, most people are bitten while sleeping.
  • They then scratch themselves unconsciously, which makes the itching even worse.
  • By scratching then easily cause inflammation.
  • Also, the penetration of bacteria, which are transmitted by the fleas, is easily made possible by the scratched spots.
Treatment of flea bites
  • As a first measure to reduce the itching, it is recommended to cool the affected area with water or ice.
  • Alternatively, a cooling gel from the pharmacy can be used, some of which also quench the itch at the same time.
  • As a result, the entire apartment and especially the bed of fleas should be freed, so it comes to no further bite.
Fleas look for warm and soft spots, where they rest during the day and attack humans and animals at night. Therefore, they are mostly found in beds, cat and dog baskets, in upholstered furniture, carpets and other fabrics. These potential whereabouts can be rid of fleas in the following ways.
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly
  • Wash clothing and other fabrics as hot as possible in the machine
  • Spread flea powder, allow to act according to manufacturer's instructions and then vacuum
  • Wash cuddly toys by children, vacuum thoroughly or place in the freezer for a day
Since most fleas are brought into the home by pets such as cats and dogs, the animals should also be examined and treated. If the animals are often outdoors, they should get a flea collar available from a pet store or veterinarian. So-called spot-ons are dropped into the neck of the animal or sprayed and kill all the fleas in their fur from there.

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