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Fleas are particularly distressing to cats and dogs. However, they also bite people when they have the opportunity, so treating the animals at the same time is a protection for humans. Children are particularly affected by flea bites, because they often have very close contact with the animals and are not afraid to take them to bed.
Use of the flea powder in dogs and cats
Fleas should be fought even if there are only a few. A female lays up to 40 eggs per day, so that the population can increase rapidly, if not already intervened in the occurrence of individual fleas. In addition to the flea collar this can also be used a floo powder, which is available commercially or from veterinarians. With this powder, the coat of the animal is dusted, then it is lightly rubbed into the coat, being careful that it is also rubbed against the grain. This powder loses the animal over the next few days by itself again, but otherwise it can be brushed again after a few days.
Protect people from fleas
Although there are also human fleas that have specialized in the human as a host animal, but usually people are usually bitten only by fleas that have brought in their pets, so cat and dog fleas. Then it may happen that some fleas nest in people's beds and bite at night. Such bites are usually not dangerous, but can ignite by scratching. The intense itching that develops around the bite site can be alleviated by cooling with cold water or a gel. For people who already suffer from flea bites, the bedding should be washed as hot as possible in the machine to kill the fleas as well as their brood.
Flood powder for the apartment
Trapped fleas usually nest in soft fabrics where it is warm. To fight them, there are special flea powders that can be used in the home. They are suitable for the treatment of

  • rugs
  • upholstery
  • non-washable textiles
  • Fabrics that are too big for the washing machine
  • Sleeping places of pets
These powders are scattered on the places where the fleas are suspected. They take a certain amount of time to develop their effect and are then sucked off. However, to make sure they work well, the surfaces should be thoroughly vacuumed before applying the powder.

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